BRYAN, Ohio -- The L.E. Smith Company, known for over 65 years as a high quality provider of Post-form Laminate Countertops, brings their two greatest strengths: quality and speed to the forefront of their slab offering. With consistent backsplashes, always at a 90 degree angle, and rolls tightly bonded for fabrication ease, L.E. Smith's Quick*form program is a handy-man's dream!L.E. Smith Company Introduces Customizable Countertop Slabs

Available in six profiles, including two popular Ogee options, and over 220 colors, Quick*form slabs are perfect for customization by any craftsman, and unlike other slab programs, Quick*form slabs are available in any quantity - with no minimum order requirements.

In addition to this, L.E. Smith is guaranteeing a 100% fill rate with a one week turn on 20 of the most popular laminate color options available in the market today. For more information on this unique guaranteed program, please visit the L.E. Smith website at

The L.E. Smith Company is a third generation family-owned full-service, premium quality surface manufacturer. With over six decades of service to the construction, cabinetry, millwork and retail industries, L.E. Smith consistently brings clients trend-forward, high-quality products, and shares proven business techniques that enable clients to differentiate themselves from fierce competition. Committed to lean manufacturing and forestry conservation, L.E. Smith integrates KAIZEN throughout its business practices and has worked to receive and maintain FSC certification. More L.E. Smith information is available at

SOURCE: The L.E. Smith Company

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