Grand Rapids, Mich. – Cumberland announces that it has partnered with Ini Archibong, a recent graduate of the environmental design program at Art Center College of Design, as part of its Designers Speak program. The program is designed to offer a platform for designers to express themselves in products that speak of true American furniture design and their own hearts, as well as to market needs. Cumberland and Archibong were introduced through the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF); the ICFF Studio is the design industry's “matchmaking service” to pair culture and commerce. The Studio is unique in pairing talented, up-and-coming designers and their prototype products with made-to-measure potential manufacturers. A one-of-a-kind forum for identifying and supporting those who are solving tomorrow’s design problems today, ICFF Studio celebrates emerging designers and their ready-for-prime-time projects. It also provides a must-see exhibition of the stuff of youthful invention, a behind-the-scenes look at the shape of design’s next frontier.

Cumberland Introduces Ini Archibong through Designers SpeakThe manufacturer and designer look forward to the addition of Archibong’s Solitaire Table to Cumberland’s enduring product collection. The concept underlying the Solitaire Table is the solitaire dia­mond as a timeless, simple, and elegant accent for the sophisticated woman. With brilliant beauty to stand alone, the diamond is never so ostentatious as to overpower the beauty of its wearer, who is the main attraction. As the solitaire diamond is a perfect accent for an elegant lady, the Solitaire Table is in an interior of refined taste. A side table can be elegant, but should not overshadow the hallmarks of a space.

A defining attribute of the Solitaire design is its exquisitely sculpted base. Inspired by delicately crafted jewel settings, it demonstrates that elegance need not be sacrificed to achieve structural function. Subtlety is key to an elegant accent piece. The Solitaire’s elements come together apparently effortlessly, creating a naturally seamless appearance fit for any luxurious setting. Its simplicity releases the Solitaire Table from time; as with other enduring treasures, the beauty is in the details.

Source: Cumberland

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