The CrossChair Company announces the CrossChair: A convertible office chair that can instantly change its shape to provide comfortable cross-legged sitting for almost everyone. The CrossChair is available for pre-order at

CrossChair Revolutionizes the Office Chair"We made this chair for the millions of workers who sit for hours per day and suffer the consequences of fatigue, back pain and stiff muscles," said David McClintock, the CrossChair inventor. "Sitting cross-legged would help immensely, but it is a difficult or impossible position for many of us – especially in a conventional office chair. The CrossChair makes this new option accessible to all, and allows frequent posture changes to avoid fatigue and reduce back pain."

The CrossChair is intended to combat the "sitting fatigue", back pain, slouching and slumped shoulders that many workers experience even with expensive office chairs. Simply being able to change the seating position throughout the day can eliminate or significantly reduce fatigue and back pain. The CrossChair offers a new option to instantly 'convert' from conventional to cross-legged position and back again, so users can change their position as it suits them.

How it works: With the CrossChair's patent-pending design, the seat is divided into left and right sections. When converting to cross-legged seating position, the seat sections pivot open in a V-shape that supports the thighs when you cross your legs. Adjustable footrest: A padded footrest swings into place and fits into the V-shape of the seat, where the user place their feet. The footrest can be raised and lowered to suit flexibility and comfort. The CrossChair's adjustments encourage users to find alternative postures so they can keep changing things up during the day.

To complete the experience, the CrossChair also includes a comfortable, padded lap-desk. The Lap-desk solves a key ergonomic issue, providing support for activities such as using a laptop, tablet, keyboard, reading a book, writing or drawing while sitting cross-legged. The design is wide enough to sit on the thighs with legs crossed. The bean-bag cushion allows the user to position and angle it as desired.

Yoga practitioners will find CrossChair offers support that makes Sukhasana pose accessible while at the office. The CrossChair's dividing seat supports the thighs; the adjustable footrest allows the user to set the feet slightly lower to comfortably sit cross-legged, similar to the function a cushion is used to achieve Sukhasana on the floor at Yoga class. The Footrest provides eight height adjustments to ensure comfort even if you are inflexible, and if desired allows incremental adjustment over time as flexibility increases.

The CrossChair is available for pre-order at

Source: The CrossChair Company



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