Warminster, Pa. –  CounterBalance Corporation announced the Counter-A-SYST standard product line, on Tuesday. Originally introduced as a custom product line in October 2009, the Counter-A-SYST will now feature four standard sizes available for immediate purchase.

Counter-A-SYST Now Available Next Day“We felt that a standard Counter-A-SYST product line would directly complement our standard Lift-A-SYST product line,” said Lou Mintzer, VP of Sales and Marketing at CounterBalance Corporation. “The Lift-A-SYST line works on light to medium weight countertop doors, so we needed an additional product line to fill the medium to heavy weight range. The Counter-A-SYST seemed to fit the bill since we were already using it on heavier doors than the Lift-A-SYST could accommodate.”

The new Counter-A-SYST line is designed to fit countertop doors weights from 50 to 150 pounds and lengths/spans from 28 to 42 inches. Types of countertop door materials that are typically paired with the Counter-A-SYST are stone, wood and Corian®. The Lift-A-SYST line, which features six standard sizes, is usually paired with lighter materials such as MDF, plywood, stainless steel, bronze or other light weight woods.

The Counter-A-SYST product line is available for purchase immediately and can be shipped for overnight delivery. Custom sizes will continue to be available for purchase with a six week lead time.

Counter-A-SYST Technology

The counterbalance works by using patented torsion spring hinge technology. At the heart of the counterbalance, flexible rods store mechanical energy when twisted, and release energy when returned to a neutral position. When the countertop is moved in an upward or downward motion, the energy stored in the system is applied to precisely offset the weight of the countertop door. The effect is to neutralize the weight of the door making it virtually weightless while in motion. This means easy and safe operation for the user.

Source: CounterBalance Corporation

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