New York – Taking advantage of the unique properties of a new material, Perennial Wood™, Pfeiffer Lab has developed The Plank Collection of outdoor furniture for Council, a premium furniture brand based in San Francisco. The collection includes a stacking chair and a lounge and will be on display at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), May 19–22, 2012, in booth #1708.

“The Plank Collection is minimal and restrained, almost utilitarian in its material use,” said Eric Pfeiffer, president of Pfeiffer Lab. “Each piece boasts a simple curve resting on a powder coated steel rod base to create an expressive, inviting form.”

The furniture is made of Perennial Wood, introduced by Eastman Chemical Company to the outdoor furniture market this spring. Perennial Wood is modified by a proprietary process, TruLast™ Technology, which permanently transforms the wood’s cell structure, providing a physical barrier that resists damage from moisture and remains dimensionally stable for decades. Well-suited for outdoor furniture, Perennial Wood competes with hardwoods, rivaling teak in both beauty and performance. The source wood, Southern pine, is harvested in the Southeast United States and processed at Eastman’s headquarters in Kingsport, Tenn.

When asked why he’s using Perennial Wood, Pfeiffer replied, “First of all, it’s a beautiful, humble material that provides unique aesthetic and performance characteristics not currently available for the outdoor market. We were also impressed by the sustainability story and the fact that this wood is grown and produced here in the U.S.A.”

Pfeiffer, Council, and Perennial Wood are part of a broader trend toward “reshoring” and “insourcing.” In a recent article, “Made in USA (Again): Why Manufacturing Is Coming Home,” INC. magazine cites that increasing transportation and fuel costs and increasing global labor rates are causing a growing number of firms to bring manufacturing back to the United States.

“The idea behind Council has been to create beautiful furniture that speaks to design in the United States,” said Derek Chen, CEO of Council. “Just as the aesthetics of Italian or Scandinavian furniture are well understood, our mission is to create pieces that will be recognizably American, yet appeal to an international audience. Perennial Wood dovetails nicely with this mission. The beauty and simplicity of pine work nicely with our palette and the fact that it’s a North American product works well with our supply chain.” The new collection will be available this fall from

“Perennial Wood is real wood. It’s not an artificial composite, nor is it molded from plastic or pressure treated with heavy metals. It is beautiful wood that stands up to the elements,” said Brant Mitchell, market development manager for Perennial Wood furniture. “Pfeiffer Lab and Council are award-winning brands, committed to sustainability and American-sourced materials–a perfect fit for Perennial Wood. We are pleased to be collaborating with them as we introduce this remarkable wood to the furniture industry.”

Perennial Wood offers furniture manufacturers a long-lasting, attractive wood for their furniture lines. Furniture companies interested in incorporating Pfeiffer designs into outdoor lines may contact Tom Keegan at Pfeiffer Lab ( or 510-451-7522). Eastman is also accepting inquiries from furniture manufacturers interested in incorporating Perennial Wood into their offerings. Inquiries may be directed to

Source: Eastman Chemical Co.


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