Stratford, TX – The Sherman County Development Committee joins with Corn Board Manufacturing, Inc. (CBMI) to announce the plans for a Prototype Production Facility to be located in Stratford, TX. This facility will be the first of its kind in the world.

CBMI is a Texas based company that uses a patented technology from the University of Illinois to turn corn stover biomass (corn stalks, leaves, and corn cobs left in the field after harvest) into an environmentally friendly building product, called CornBoard™.

CBMI Founder and CEO, Lane Segerstrom, says: “I am excited at the opportunity to locate our first CornBoard™ production facility here in Stratford, right in the heart of Texas ‘Corn Country’. Having grown up in a small farming community in Iowa, I know the importance of bringing new jobs to rural America. We look forward to a long partnership in this area and are committed to creating jobs here in Sherman County.”

Kathy Allen, Executive Director of the Sherman County Development Committee, says: “We are proud and excited to welcome our first "Green Business" into Stratford and Sherman County. We are an agricultural community, and Corn Board Manufacturing, Inc. will be a great addition to the area by bringing in much‐needed jobs and providing a solution for the farmers in dealing with the stover in their fields.”

CBMI has introduced its first consumer product, a line of longboard skateboards under its Stalk IT brand that has a 100% CornBoard™ core. CornBoard™ has the potential for thousands of uses in both consumer products and building materials.

About Corn Board Manufacturing Inc.

Corn Board Manufacturing Inc., was founded in McKinney, Texas in 2009 by CEO Lane Segerstrom. CBMI has the technology to convert corn stover biomass into a GREEN alternative to wood; helping to promote environmental consciousness, sustainability, and to add jobs in rural America.

About Stratford, TX and the Sherman County Development Committee

Located at the top of the Texas Panhandle, Sherman County is poised for progress and prosperity for people that prefer small‐town life, but think big when it comes to business. In Stratford, the county seat of approximately 2,000 people, the Sherman County Development Committee promotes the overall economic development of the county by developing strategies that result in economic growth for the area. With this vision, they work to increase the local economic base and to generate business and employment opportunities for residents.

The Corn Board Manufacturing, Inc. Press Kit is available for download:

Source: Corn Board Manufacturing, Inc.

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