Tampa, Fla. - ResInno Piano Innovation and Design has unveiled its raciest design yet, The Grand Rossa. Named after Ferrari’s 1957 Testa Rossa race car, the design boasts sleek curves forming semi helixes on the front legs, and a prolonged arch stemming from the tail leg which appears to flow through the piano. Like all of his designs, ResInno Originator Justin Elliott has formulated the Grand Rossa to produce a distinguishable improvement to the instrument’s tonal quality.

The design elements also extend to a matching music rack, custom designed rubber casters, two-tone lid prop and musician bench complete with a hand stitched diamond pattern that matches Ferrari's interior. The entire ensemble (shown here), all painted in the iconic deep Ferrari red called Rossa Corsa, was inspired by the craftsmanship and artistic beauty of the Ferrari itself.

The Grand Rossa is currently available for viewing on the 28,000 square-foot showroom at Ferrari of Tampa Bay located at 2420 Tampa Road in Palm Harbor where it is displayed alongside the race cars that inspired its name and design.

“Ferrari’s attention to every detail from the body line, to the final polish itself, exemplifies an unparalleled level of style,” said Justin Elliott, originator of ResInno and lifelong fan of Ferrari designs. “Finding the perfect marriage between function and design is something Ferrari has perfected and is something that is also critical for my work at ResInno. I am thrilled that Ferrari of Tampa Bay recognized the art behind my work and welcomed it to the dealership.”

Like all ResInno designs, the Grand Rossa is handcrafted from superior species of woods by craftsmen in the United States. The design can be made for an existing or newly purchased piano and is available in other styles as well.

This is the first time a ResInno design has been welcomed onto a showroom floor making it available to those who appreciate the attention to detail and skillful design that makes Ferrari a luxury brand as well as those who are experiencing it for the first time.

Source: ResInno

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