The 14th International Exhibition on Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Manufacturing Equipment (WMF 2012) and The 14th International Exhibition on Furniture Accessories, Materials and Wood Products (FAM 2012) will be held at New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC), Beijing, China from March 12-15, 2012.

Exhibiting area of WMF 2012 & FAM 2012 is expected to reach 60,000 sqm while there will be more than 600 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions collaborating with 7 pavilions showcasing the latest material, machinery and equipment to the professional buyers of door industry. Exhibits include logs, panel board, hardware, semi-finished wood products, chemicals, decoration materials, other furniture accessories, other materials; wood processing machinery, furniture manufacturing machinery, panel board manufacturing machinery, knife and blade, machinery accessories, hand tools, grinder, measuring equipment, materials handling equipment; building construction, interior decoration, software, etc.

Planning & Policies of 'The 12th Five Year Plan' Supports Prospective Future of Door Industry

Substantial development of urbanization brings immense motivation to the door industry. According to statistics, the average annual growth rate of door industry in China is 25%. In 2010, the value of door industry was over RMB 70 billion and its total output value accounted for 7.5% of the 2nd highest output value of forestry industry in China.

'China's 12th Five Year Plan' mentioned that in next 5 years (2011-2015), there will be 36 million indemnificatory houses built in China, and the coverage reaches around 20%. Although the real estate market is facing difficulties, industry players expect that the total area of urban housing will reach 28.03 trillion in 2020, increasing 102 billion sqm every year. In the meantime, there will be 81 million sqm of building under renovation every year, 50% of the residence will need demolition and reconstruction in coming 20 years, great market demand will drive the development of wooden door industry consequently.

On the other hand, continuous economic development, citizen's demand on better living environment, good health and environmental protection keep increasing. Thus, doors with elements of environmental friendly and without adverse effect towards environment become the trend of door industry development.

Active Participation of Renowned Enterprises with Nicest Compliments

WMF & FAM, being Asia's No.1 Woodworking Machinery, Furniture Accessories & Materials Fair, have attracted numerous worldwide enterprises to visit, exchange information and source at the show every edition, including Linsheng Wood, Huibang Wood, Anshan Tianhua Wood, Lianyungang Hongyang Wood, Hodo Wood, Datang Wood, Sen De Mei Di, Jinhe Door, Shi Ji Tai He, Tian Yue Door & Window, Qiaoshi Wood, Serendipper, Tianhe Wood, Yishuo Door, Dakang Wood, etc.

In addition, visitors have given professional feedbacks and further proved the strength of the show. Mr. Bei, Manager of Shenzhen Puibright Timber Industry mentioned, "We visit WMF & FAM Every edition and aim to understand more about new development, trend and technology of the industry. Also, we could meet old and new clients and maintain stable relationship with them at this gathering." Mr. Kong, Manager of Xincheng Furniture was delighted to express, "We mainly export processing equipment, including sawing machinery, nozzles, chain, supportive panels, slipways and other hardware. We regard WMF & FAM as significant exhibition as there are comprehensive exhibits under one roof. We wish to collect useful information and establish relationship with clients at the show."

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WMF & FAM have been strongly supported by numerous authoritative organizations, which are honorary organized by the State Forestry Administration of P.R. China, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China International Exhibition Centre Group Corporation. The shows are organized and co-organized by China National Forestry Machinery Association, Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., China Forestry Group Corporation and China Building Decoration Association, as well as exclusively supported by EUMABOIS (European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers). In addition, WMF & FAM were elected by International Exhibition Industry Alliance of China (IEIA) as "China's Top 3 exhibitions" in 40 selected industries in 2010.

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