CARNEGIE, PA - Home renovations are now being focused around kitchens for more livable spaces, and Certified Home Remodelers located in the Pittsburgh area has decided to trademark their abilities to make a “Live-In KitchenTM.”

Certified Home Remodelers is a family-owned business with over 100 years of combined experience. Bob Bruno, Sr. and Bob Bruno, Jr. are proud to remodel homes with family, life, and budget in mind.

Situating kitchens is a trend that the father and son team have demonstrated great skill in. Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, Certified’s design team dedicate time and energy towards providing designs with the most beneficial and custom space for people.

“Rather than family members spending time separately, ‘Live-In KitchensTM’ bring family and friends together to enjoy celebrations of life,” said Bob Bruno, Owner of Certified Home Remodelers.

Certified Home Remodelers asks numerous questions to be confident all necessary wants and needs are discussed to ensure the perfect design. Specifically and accurately answered questions will result in the most efficient and useful style kitchen for any family. Some examples of questions that are asked are:

What is the best maneuverability for a person with special needs?

Where will the kids do homework?

Where will dinner be consumed?

Where will the pet’s food bowl be placed?

This is where the trademark “Live-In KitchenTM” claimed by Certified Home Remodelers comes from.

What makes Certified Home Remodelers different is the start-to-finish processes. Because this company works with specialized teams, all the jobs are completed with the most precise and expertise work. Examples of teams are carpentry, plumbing, electrical, flooring, etc, all managed by a project foreman.

Certified Home Remodelers is keeping up with trends, and it’s obvious with their use of technology. The web-based management system utilized provides usernames and passwords for the design team, installation team and homeowner, so every party can see what is happening and when. It is a “near flawless” communication outlet for the extent of the remodeling.

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Source: Certified Home Remodelers

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