CHARLOTTE, NC – With raw materials, labor, and energy costs continuing to rise, production efficiency is often the difference between managing a profitable enterprise, and just breaking even.

For large-scale manufacturers of panel-based products, Cefla North America is pleased to introduce new surface and edge finishing technologies that make low-cost materials into high-value panel products; cost-effectively.

Cefla's New Surface Finishing for High-Output Panel ProductionDesignated Inert Coating Technology (ICT), for the heat-free, UV curing process which achieves the surface finish, this patented process applies a durable sealer coating on inexpensive raw materials; MDF, OSB, chipboard, honeycomb, and others. The resulting surface can be combined with Cefla Pixart digital printing to create high-value appearing products, virtually indistinguishable from the real thing – at considerably lower cost.

ICT is ideal for RTA furniture, flooring, store fixtures or any other high-production flat panel operation.

For large-production operations ICT increases production options and flexibility, while reducing costs related to:

• Substrate Material
• Energy (65% reduction)
• Equipment (60% less floorspace)
• Emissions (75% less CO2)
• Coatings Use (50% reduction)

Cefla's New Surface Finishing for High-Output Panel ProductionICT also offers the flexibility to create perfectly smooth surfaces as well as three-dimensional grain. Realistic patterning can be creating in surfaces where additional depth or texture is desired, while reducing production time and processes.

Cefla North America offers the broadest range of finishing and coatings application equipment on the market today. Cefla has solutions to coat virtually any substrate; wood, metal, glass, plastics and composites. Spray equipment, roll coaters, vacuum coaters and many other automated systems help customers involved in furniture, panel processing, casegoods, flooring and dozens of other industries be more successful.

As part of their commitment to engineering excellence, Cefla operates with the utmost respect for the environment through the continuous development of coating processes and equipment to meet regulations throughout the world.

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