CHARLOTTE, NC -- With hundreds of machines installed across the world, the Cefla Easy has been a dependable workhorse for many years.

Now, the newly updated and upgraded Easy Reciprocating Spray machine incorporates what Cefla has learned to make the Easy more cost-effective, efficient and easy-to-use. The enhanced Easy represents a new “state-of-the-art” in a two-arm oscillating spray machine.

The new Easy not only provides exceptional finish quality for wood products, it is ideal for many other applications where spray booths are common; plastics, glass, glue, metal, glue, fiber cement and composites.

Available with either a wet (Easy W), or dry (Easy D), filtration system, additional benefits include:

Extraordinary Precision: The Easy spray control arms provide industry-leading articulation and the Easy control makes them easy to program. This means less production time, less waste, and lower maintenance costs.

High-Precision Photo Diodes: Precise part visioning minimizes overspray to increase production speed and reduce coatings waste.

Carbon-Fiber Conveyor: Solvent-proof belt system offers long life, and at nearly 77” wide, can produce a wider variety of part sizes.

Patented Coatings Recovery System: The all-new “counter-rotating” roller removes and recovers more usable material from the belt, without the negative effects seen with competitive “belt scraping” systems. Cleaning, coatings consumption, and overall maintenance are minimized.

Airsphere Plenum System: This patented airflow and material-recovery system improves transfer efficiency and finish quality while returning more coatings material for recycling. This reduces costs and equipment maintenance time.

Cefla North America offers the broadest range of finishing and coatings application equipment on the market today. Cefla has solutions to coat virtually any substrate; wood, metal, glass, plastics and composites. Spray equipment, roll coaters, vacuum coaters and many other automated systems help customers involved in furniture, panel processing, casegoods, flooring and dozens of other industries be more successful.

As part of their commitment to engineering excellence, Cefla operates with the utmost respect for the environment through the continuous development of coating processes and equipment to meet regulations throughout the world.

Visit Cefla Finishing on the web; Contact Cefla North America: 704-598-0020.

Source: Cefla North America

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