GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- Nothing erodes your bottom line faster than reworking what’s already been done. For companies in the business of providing fine surfaces, having to remove finish and then re-sand or repair imperfections wastes time, material and money.

The Carter SP44 inspection lighting system was recently re-engineered for even greater utility and durability. And, now, it’s an even better value. The popular SP44 four-light model can now be bundled with its heavy-duty stand at unprecedented savings. Other options have been reduced in price as well.

A powerful, dependable inspection lighting system, the Carter SP44 helps you identify surface scratches, dings and other defects right on the sanding line. It is ideally suited for the furniture, cabinetry and case goods industries.

The SP44 is a workhorse, on duty in thousands of plants across the U.S. The brilliant white light provided by four non-glare beams floods the work surface and immediately identifies imperfections that need additional attention. The SP44 is ideal for quality control in widebelt sanding, hand-sanding and veneering processes.

For maximum surface contrast and fastest defect detection, the SP44 offers up to 15 ° of articulation in the light angle. The non-glare, flat beam bulbs improve visibility while reducing eye fatigue. The sturdy stand also has upgraded adjustment hardware. Finally, the low-voltage transformer and enhanced housing ventilation provides maximum bulb life.

Carter Products has been a leading supplier of productivity improvement products since 1929. In addition to a full range of diode guide line lights and 2D/3D laser positioning systems, the company also manufactures the broadest line of band saw accessories in the industry; including guides and tires for nearly every model of bandsaw on the market, past and present. Recently they introduced several new products for woodturners, including the patent-pending Hollow Roller system for safely turning hollow form vessels and bowls, and the patent-pending MultiRest TM work support system.

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Source: Carter Products

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