ORANGE, CA - Construction contractors and builders can earn LEED credits with materials such as bamboo, FSC certified wood, and NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) materials to construct cabinets in dowel or conformant construction.

A modular style catalog is available electronically. Slab doors in wood veneer, sky blend melamine, MDF, medite, or laminate are also available. Cabinets can be ordered assembled or flat stacked.

Bamboo in particular is a renewable resource unlike other materials used for cabinet making in the past that do permanent damage to the eco system. Bamboo cabinets are aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. No NAUF materials eliminate harmful gases and therefore do not contribute pollution to the environment. Visit our website to learn more about our products. We take pride in our competitive pricing and quality workmanship.

Cabinets Quick is committed to manufacturing cabinets in an environmentally friendly and responsible way. Cabinets Quick is California 93120 Phase 1 CARB compliant. Materials such as particle board and plywood are a source of off-gassing of formaldehydes and volatile organic compounds.

Some of the materials we use are:

• Man made (reconstitute) veneers and laminates by Tree Frog and Brookside

• Use water based and Ultra Violet finish coatings coating on all prefinished materials

• Water based glues and contact cements that carry the Green Guard certification

• Particle boards and medium density fiberboards with no NAUF

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