Pompano Beach, FL - Soft-close technology is a method of slowing down the closing force of a cabinet door or drawer in the last inch or so during the closing cycle. This will allow your door or drawer to close softly and silently each time you open and close it.

Top cabinet hardware manufacturers are making great strides in the advancement of the soft-close technology. With the introduction of products such as the Blum Intivo drawer slides, or the Grass Tiamos Hinge series, soft-close technology has been integrated right into the product. And the technology keeps advancing. More products such a lift systems, waste container units and pantries are utilizing soft-close innovations.

People are adding quality customization to their kitchen or bath simply by changing their hinges or drawer slides. Advancements in design allow homeowners who have the desire to make these changes without the help or cost of a professional.

"You can bring a high end feel and eliminate the annoyance of slamming cabinet doors by just changing your hinge. The integration of the soft-close mechanism into the hinge has simplified the number of parts needed and made it so easy that anyone can make these changes", says Polyanna O'Hara, Product Manager of CabinetParts.com.

To promote Soft-Close technology, customers of CabinetParts.com can look for additional discounts on and new soft-close products throughout their website in the month of March.

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Source: CabinetParts.com

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