Bloomfield, CN - As freezing temperatures continue to grip most of the nation, home and business owners are left dealing with roof damage, frozen pipes and other unexpected destruction that has forced some businesses to close and families to seek temporary housing. is reaching out to business owners and homeowners who have been severely impacted by the massive sub-zero storm that brought with it higher heating costs, unemployment among workers and business owners whose businesses are inoperable due to the storm, and future flooding and hidden damage expected when the snow finally does melt.

The financial squeeze that accompanies January’s prolonged and brutal cold spells already straining household budgets, and exhausting household budgets, food pantry stores, soup kitchens and other emergency-food donation outlets is exasperated by last year’s cuts in food stamps that affect 47 million Americans who depend on these benefits to help feed their families. Exacerbating the problem, Congress announced yesterday its plans to make more cuts in food stamp benefits as well.

“Small business owners are being forced to slash expenses and lay off staff to keep their businesses heated and make necessary safety repairs caused by the frigid temperatures,” says Cabinet Hardware founder and CEO David Mason. “Low income families are being forced to decide between heat and food; home damage repair will have to wait, forcing many to flee to shelter or low cost, safe housing alternatives.” wants businesses and individuals impacted by the polar vortex to apply for grant opportunities that can help them rebuild, buy food, heat their homes and offices and move forward. Organizations working to aid victims of the frigid storms are also welcome to apply for potential grant money to help stock food banks, cover utility bills, make home and business repairs, provide safe, temporary housing and more.

“Whatever is needed, we want to help,” Mason says. “Just tell us about yourself and who you represent, detail your project.

“Tell us how much money you’re looking for and include a three-minute video; for starters, you can email us at grants(at)cabinethardware(dot)org to ask questions and get a dialogue started.”

Through The FlowOver Project, the charitable arm of, contributions are earmarked through Mason’s company resources to put this first-of-its-kind grant program in place.

Selected applicants and their goals are featured on the website and in a press release for online viewers to review. A summary of current relief projects on the website and choose one that they would most like to see funded. Cabinet Hardware then donates 10 percent of the customer’s purchase revenue to the selected project.

“Low income Americans and small businesses are struggling to stay afloat right now, and we want to offer our resources to help,” Mason says. This is a humanitarian issue we can’t turn our backs on; when Americans are suffering, we need to step in and help where we can.”’s FlowOver Project is supporting some of the most destructive natural disasters that occurred in 2012 and 2013, and some of the most neglected humanitarian efforts including:

To learn more about submitting a disaster relief project for possible grant funding consideration, or to contribute your support to the Cabinet Hardware relief efforts, visit the Relief Efforts page of the website.

About is a combination e-commerce site and crowdfunding platform founded in 2013 by entrepreneur David Mason. Ten percent of every dollar spent on the site is donated to relief efforts to help needy families rebuild their homes after a disaster, and others in crisis. Anyone with a qualifying project representative of a charitable cause can apply for one of the company’s relief grants through its charitable arm, The FlowOver Project. visitors and customers vote for those grant applications they would like to see funded. No donation is necessary to vote or to purchase products. Customers who do earmark a portion of their purchase price to a cause absorb no cost for the their donation. transfers 10 percent of each sale to deserving causes.


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