Cabinet Door Maker Adds Tool Management System
December 19, 2011 | 9:35 am CST

LOGANSPORT, IN - Indiana Dimension, Inc., a producer of wood cabinet doors and components, has implemented new software for tracking the cost, location, profile, and lifespan of their tooling.

Cabinet Door Maker Adds Tool Management SystemThe tool-tracking software was developed by Intooligence LLC, located in Elkhart, IN. With over 950 tools in the system and counting, Indiana Dimension needed a way to track the location, condition, and profile of the tooling. Indiana Dimension President Roy Rentschler stated, “With profile tooling from three major manufacturers we needed a solution that would allow us to track and search our tooling quickly.”

The new software allows Indiana Dimension to search their tooling and sanding library by their profile number, allowing them to quickly locate available tooling and profile sanding supplies to complete jobs. The software will track tooling from any vendor or manufacturer and allows electronic files and documents to be uploaded to a tool or work center for future reference.

Intooligence also has machine maintenance features which Indiana Dimension heavily utilizes. Indiana Dimension has over 145 machines configured in the software with uploaded maintenance documentation and preventative maintenance schedules.

Cabinet Door Maker Adds Tool Management System“Intooligence allows us to track when maintenance needs to be performed and logs the fact that it has been done. I can easily record notes, part numbers, and other information about a problem with a machine that I can quickly retrieve later,” said Bill Evans, maintenance manager for Indiana Dimension.

Indiana Dimension was able to implement the system easily because minimal IT expertise was needed to complete the setup. “We didn’t have to provide a server, just a connection to the Internet and Intooligence took care of the rest.”, stated Roy Rentschler.

Located in Logansport, IN, Indiana Dimension, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of quality hardwood components and hardwood products including cabinet doors, cabinet components, mouldings, and cnc machined components. Indiana Dimension has continually invested in cutting-edge technology to improve product quality and manufacturing efficiency. As a leader in environmentally-friendly production techniques, Indiana Dimension implemented the first waterbased finish line in the state of Indiana in 2008 and also features water-based glue in all of it’s products.

Source: Intooligence

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