CHICAGO, IL - CP Furniture Systems has been active in office furnishings for many years. This year, however, you might be excused for thinking the German furniture experts have actually reinvented the office. New acoustic, integrated-technology and wireless solutions are all making their début.

In fact, the company is setting new standards in a variety of areas at this year's NeoCon. The wide scope of office, contract and conference furnishings demands a lot more than just good tables and cabinets. Ergonomics and health issues require just as much consideration as integrating modern technology or good acoustics. The German company is able to satisfy all these requirements – and for the most part from its own manufacturing facilities. It is this outstanding expertise coupled with some really ingenious ideas that always makes the CP showroom such an enjoyable experience.

The basic philosophy is easily explained: the key is to produce added value, and unusual, individual and functional solutions that investors can use to create an unmistakable identity and unique selling points for their office spaces. Very much in keeping with the theory that anyone can offer standard solutions – but if you want to set yourself apart you have to offer your customers and employees more, and think outside the box.

Good acoustics boost performance

Acoustics are among the issues that are often neglected in many offices. Unpleasant, high noise levels and overly long reverberation periods can jeopardize the work and well-being of staff. And even when the problem has been recognized and steps are taken to integrate acoustically effective surfaces in the workspaces, a further hurdle appears: most sound-absorbing products detract from the aesthetics of a room. This is where the SonicWall range from CP comes in: The wide range of acoustically effective surfaces not only looks good, some of them can also be printed with individual motifs. Just add optional lighting and sound effects and the "wow" effect is guaranteed: good acoustics, outstanding appearance, great impression, in other words, ideal conditions for excellent performance.

Pioneering technology integration and wireless philosophy

CP’s expertise in the field of technology integration is even more impressive. Visitors can experience state-of-the-art technology that is perfectly integrated into attractive furniture. The media technology and screen walls in the "Monotop" partition system can be controlled intuitively and wirelessly by iPad or smartphone, for instance. The elegant "Resisto" assembled box lockers are locked by either data carrier or PIN code. Available in all CP office furniture: Wireless charging modules in "Qi" standard, for which the first fully compatible devices with Nokia Lumia, Google Nexus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S4 are now available as well. All of this underscores its commitment as the technology leader in furnishings.

GROUNDBREAKING: “Cegano Smart Table” at the NeoCon for the first time ever!

The “Cegano Smart Table“ is the flagship of CP’s Cegano series. This product series, with its workplace systems, ergonomically sit/stand solutions and conference tables with integrated media and control technology, accomplishes all challenges of the working world of the 21st century. The table will be the new hub of the contemporary business lounge. The trend of wireless freedom comes to life, not only with wireless charging (via the world renowned Qi Standard), but also with wireless control and connection technology of digital video and audio to external sources such as FullHD-Displays. Of course, other sources such as TV receivers, PCs, digital signage systems or media players, can be connected as well.

The new, intelligent and ergonomic desk, cabinet and pedestal solutions almost pass unnoticed in comparison. These are no more than what people have to come to expect from CP, and quite rightly so.

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