ORLANDO – Eastman, in conjunction with the introduction of Perennial Wood™ decking at the International Builders’ Show, has announced that Boston Cedar will handle exclusive distribution of the product for the pro-channel beginning late first quarter of 2012 to trade professionals through its network of independent building materials retailers in the Northeast.

“This product is a game-changer – something the industry has been waiting for,” said Rob Ankner, chairman of Boston Cedar. “We want to be the first to distribute it to the marketplace.”

Perennial Wood is real wood that has been modified with TruLast™ Technology to be significantly more stable. While remaining fully workable, Perennial Wood is straighter, harder and three times more resistant to shrinking and swelling than raw wood.

Boston Cedar’s reputation as the premier building products distributor in the Northeast was a good fit with the target market for Perennial Wood decking, according to Greg W. Nelson, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Eastman. “Boston Cedar has built the model for distributing higher-end building products, and we felt strongly that the company’s leadership will embrace and enthusiastically represent Perennial Wood,” Nelson said. “We also liked the stability we saw in Boston Cedar. These folks grew up in the business and collectively bring hundreds of years of regional knowledge and expertise to their broad base of customers.”

Nelson said that Eastman is eager to leverage Boston Cedar’s strong track record of adding value to its product offerings. “Boston Cedar is known as a distributor that sees beyond the product and understands the importance of adding value like training and marketing support,” he said. “The technology behind Perennial Wood is interesting and compelling, and when a guy at the lumber desk successfully articulates it, the customer will be more confident making the purchase. Boston Cedar has proven time and time again that they can make that engagement happen.”

For Boston Cedar, adding Perennial Wood to its product lineup is consistent with its strategy to offer exclusive, high-end products to maintain its position as the leading building products distributor in New England and beyond.

“We’re thrilled to be the exclusive distributor of Perennial Wood at launch,” Ankner said. “This is a product that could change the way we all think about wood decking and wood in other outdoor applications. It’s a tremendous opportunity for us to be involved early with a product platform that could have widespread impact on our industry.”

The Perennial Wood decking offering, which is available through a select dealer base in the Boston Cedar network, includes decking and all related components in standard sizes, as well as nominal-sized lumber. Additionally, through the Perennial Wood custom design program, trade professionals can submit special requests for their decking projects by submitting CAD drawings and take-off lists for successful conversion from concept to reality.

Source: Eastman Chemical Co.



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