Blum's interzum Debut: The Right Soft-Close Hinge for Every Door
May 16, 2015 | 3:14 am UTC
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Smooth closing action. Soft-close Blumotion can simply be deactivated in the hinge boss depending on the size and weight of the door
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The impressive range of Clip top Blumotion hinges allows you to meet the trend and implement HANDLE-LESS doors throughout the home
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Special applications made easy, e.g. projecting mirror doors in bathrooms. The photo shows Blum’s profile door hinge with the Cristallo mounting plate which is attached with an adhesive
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The right hinge for every door. Blum’s 107° hinge is ideal for thinner door depths – from just 15 mm
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The Tip-On mechanical opening system by Blum makes it easy to open handle-less doors. Doors open at a single touch

Hoechst, Austria – Blum’s innovative Clip top Blumotion delivers soft and effortless closing with all the components integrated into the hinge boss. The hinge comes in a wide range of models, giving you the right solution for every door. Blum also offers a convenient opening support system to meet the latest trend towards handle-less doors.

Clip top Blumotion by Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum is a hinge with integrated soft close that can be used for a multitude of cabinet applications. The soft-close feature can be deactivated for smaller or lighter doors. As a result, all doors have a smooth closing action regardless of size, weight or the force with which you close them. Handle-less doors are very much in trend at the moment and that is why Blum offers the Tip-On mechanical opening support system that makes it easy to open doors without handles. A single touch opens the door to such an extent that users can fully open cabinets and easily access contents.

Large range, diverse possibilities

Clip top Blumotion hinges come in various models with different opening angles. The standard 110° hinge is, for example, suitable for door depths of up to approx. 24 mm. For thinner door depths of 15 mm or more, the fittings specialist from Hoechst has developed a 107° hinge with integrated soft close that requires very little drilling depth (just 11.5 mm). Blum also offers soft-close hinges for profile, blind corner, angled and aluminium frame doors. And even if users opt for glass or mirror doors that project on all four sides (as you frequently find in bathrooms), you do not have to do without integrated soft-close Blumotion. There is a special mounting plate for such applications, ensuring that door to cabinet assembly is as easy as usual. Thanks to the tried and tested Blum Clip mechanism, it is quick and tool free. And 3-dimensional adjustment delivers precise gap alignment.

Source: Blum

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