Blum’s interzum Debut: New Design Option for Space Tower Larder
May 16, 2015 | 2:50 am UTC
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There might be little space available, but the Space Tower unit uses every inch of it – here with Tandembox antaro inner pull-outs. Blum’s Space Tower larder unit won the interzum award 2015 for top product quality in the run-up to the trendsetting fair.
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Blum’s Space Tower larder unit can be implemented in any height, width or depth – to suit the individual needs of users
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The new design option. Legrabox free with glass design elements produces a light and transparent look – giving users clear visibility of contents
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The unit is extremely flexible and can even be used in bedrooms. You can combine space for hanging items of clothing with pull-outs for T-shirts, etc.

Hoechst, Austria – A larder unit that offers plenty of storage space, whose interior can be tailored to individual needs and that provides easy access from all three sides – that’s the Space Tower by Blum. NEW! Blum’s larder unit now comes in a new design: Legrabox free. The glass design elements provide clear visibility from all three sides. And if you want to open handle-less fronts with ease, opt for Blum’s mechanical or electric opening support system.

Blum’s practical Space Tower larder unit (with a door and flexible inner pull-outs) can be manufactured in any height, width or depth. All the fittings needed for the Space Tower unit either stem from the standard Tandembox range (the tried and tested pull-out system by Blum) or from Legrabox (the box system with straight sides). This gives you the possibility to harmonise the design of your entire home and the freedom to individualise cabinet interiors. What’s new is that the larder unit now comes in a new design: Legrabox free with glass design elements. The result is a light and transparent look, giving users even better visibility of contents.

Every pull-out is tidy and easy to use

The flexible Ambia-Line or Orga-Line inner dividing systems make sure that contents are held securely. Thanks to full extensions, users have clear visibility and easy access to items – from all three sides and from above. The fact that you only have to open the one pull-out you need is particularly practical. Up to 55 percent more storage space can be created with higher side walls. Each individual Space Tower inner pull-out has a loading capacity of 70 kg. And thanks to integrated soft-close Blumotion, all the pull-outs close softly and effortlessly. For enhanced opening ease, equip the larder unit with Blum’s Servo-Drive electric opening support system, or you could opt for the Tip-On mechanical opening system which also brings one-touch opening to the handle-less larder unit door.

Simple assembly and diverse possibilities

When assembling Legrabox and Tandembox, no special cutting dimensions are needed for base and back panel. The fronts can also be simply clipped on. In addition, the fronts can have any design: even doors with glass infills are possible. Blum’s Dynalog planning software helps you determine the right position of fittings with ease. The software also helps you order the right fittings components for the Space Tower unit quickly and efficiently. Blum tip: Opt for the Clip top 155° zero protrusion hinge so that you can use the entire cabinet width.

Source: Blum

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