LAS VEGAS, NV - Blue Star Opportunities Corp. (The "Company") (OTC Pink: BSTO) announces today that it has concluded an agreement for its Duro Design banner with a major Canadian producer to be the sole distributer of European style wood flooring models in North America. These quality product lines are offered in domestic wood, both solid and engineered, in multi tone styles and shapes.

A special emphasis will be on long and wide planks in oil penetrating stains and specialty colors like silvers, white washes and grays which are increasingly in demand today (see picture). We are starting an intense distribution drive through our long established network of high end dealers as well as architectural and design firms. This is a valuable complement to our quality lines produced in our own facilities.

Smart integration between faster lead times at the mill and our Duro Design network will enable us to rely on hundreds of thousands of dollars of finished material ready to ship out at all times. Furthermore, integration with our supplier provides a significant price advantage of as much as 20% to beat existing products coming from overseas. Rollout of sampling begins in two weeks. Advanced production and storage locally here in North America facilitates immediate shipment to clients and faster sales turnover.


Blue Star Opportunities Corp. is a supplier of environmentally friendly components used in renovation and construction of family homes, commercial and retail space, and multi-unit dwellings under its Duro Design brand. Products include materials for housing parts that are traditionally made of wood offered at direct factory prices. The company serves architects, designers and real estate managers offering more than 20 lines of traditional oak, maple, hickory and many other types of wood in all sizes including larger width and length flooring. It is a leader in LEED certified bamboo and cork flooring offered in hundreds of beautiful hand finished colors offered at factory prices.

All of the company diversified wood product lines are offered direct to consumers in Duro Design factory outlets strategically located in high traffic commercial areas. The company also sells across North America through a network of resellers and independent sales agents. We continue to open company owned factory outlets throughout North America.

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