Be a Smooth Cabinet Operator with FREE lift-fittings from HäfeleThe FREE lift-fittings break the barrier of traditional cabinetry by lifting cabinet doors up and out of the way instead of swinging toward you. With an improved product design, FREE lift-fittings are now easier to mount and give a more stable performance by operating on a coil-spring system. Additionally, they offer a Soft&Silent feature to silently swing cabinet doors open and close without a slam.

These lift-fittings maximize the user experience with smooth operation capabilities. Once the door is opened with the low, accessible handle, it remains in position no matter how far opened. Without the visual obstruction of a traditional hinged door, the user may enjoy a full view of the interior contents. With the ability to operate in spaces with standard or low ceilings, FREE are ideal for cabinets above refrigerators or microwaves.

Source: Häfele

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