The wide range of waste separation systems is continually being optimised and expanded at Vauth-Sagel. One of the worldwide best-sellers within the programme is the Öko liner, which is now being expanded to include the innova-tive organisational drawer. This can flexibly accommodate beautifully-shaped plastic containers – hence optimally uti-lising limited storage space below the kitchen sink and above the waste separation system. An outstanding system solution, was the summary of the interior innovation award jury, which presented the organisational drawer with the internationally-renowned award in 2014.

Disposing of food, consumables and household utensils is part of daily kitchen work. These processes in everyday life are optimised and considerably simplified using a modern waste separation system tailored to one’s personal requirements and which can be adapted to one’s lifestyle, household size and the local waste disposal and separation regulations. Ideally, the system – and all the required containers – most frequently used in modern kitchens disappears behind the front panel of the kitchen sink cabinet.

Öko liner & the award-winning organisational drawer

The Öko liner from systems specialist Vauth-Sagel fulfils all the demands of modern waste separation systems. It stands out with its cushioned front-panel drawer and is based on a Vauth-Sagel guide system. Opening and closing are easy and virtually silent. Furthermore, the two installation heights and the numerous different container sizes offer customised comfort. These allow users to comply with widely differing local waste disposal stipulations or to cater to customer-specific depth requirements that enable the installation of under-sink water heaters – all with the utmost ease using the modular system. And the waste separation system is closed perfectly with a sturdy, double powder-coated metal lid, which can also be used as an additional shelf.

Positioned above the Öko liner, the new organisational drawer not only cleverly exploits the available storage space, it also organises the space with a whole range of plastic contain-ers of differing sizes. These can be flexibly inserted into the drawer, accommodating water connections within the kitchen sink cabinet and allowing users to position their containers de-pending on their personal requirements.

If desired, the Öko liner can be expanded to include a further tangible customer benefit with the new organisational drawer. The solid, powder-coated metal frame is positioned on two synchronised full-length pull-outs, also allowing it to be opened and closed with the utmost ease and virtually silently. These numerous advantages also convinced the interior innovation award jury, which decided to present the product with the internationally-renowned award.

EasyFit: simple installation, effortless adjustment

In addition to the visual and quality features, the Öko liner equipped with the new organisational drawer is also a convinc-ing solution as a result of its assembly-friendliness. Coming with the Vauth-Sagel EasyFit quality seal, it offers considerable benefits for initial assembly: the detailed step-by-step instructions permit quick and easy installation of the organisational drawer. Furthermore, an installation template applied to the carcass wall helps the fitter to correctly position and drill the holes for the drawer. Subsequently, the two pull-outs can be aligned by means of 3D adjustment and the front mounted to the frame without the use of tools. Assembling a complex system simply could not be any simpler.

With the combination of the waste Öko liner separation sys-tem and the new organisational drawer, Vauth-Sagel offers a high-end waste separation system that perfectly unites custom-er-specific requirements, timeless design and award-winning user comfort.


For over 50 years, the owner-run family company has been developing, manufacturing and distributing system components of various materials for the medical/care, automotive and caravanning sectors as well as innovative storage space systems for the kitchen and furniture industry. Furthermore, the company offers complete office and care solutions for customers across the globe. To this end, Vauth-Sagel specifically deploys its many years of wire, steel, sheet metal, wood and plastic material competencies. Around 850 employees develop and manufacture far more than 85 million ‘Made in Germany’ quality products each year. In-house logistics and a global sales and distribution team round off the tailored range of products and services for clients throughout the world.

Source: Vauth-Sagel

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