Garages can be a neglected space – a hub for miscellaneous items lacking structure and organization. Häfele has solutions to maximize garage space while making it both functional and attractive.

OmniTrack Organizational System – This wall-mounted universal storage solution is smart, stylish, strong and versatile. The fully engineered aluminum wall track is thick and durable and seamlessly overlaps with other tracks to supply the length and width a space needs. A selection of track configurations, hooks and hangers make it completely customizable for many storage challenges. Whether you are storing a leaf blower, roller blades, a shovel or basket of cleaning supplies, OmniTrack offers a strong, stable attachment that will give everything a proper place.

Aluflex Sliding Door System – This sleek and highly functional aluminum-framed sliding door system enhances the look and function of closet doors in a garage space. Aluflex is available with a soft-close dampener to prevent noise from door slamming and avoid damage to doors and walls. At Häfele, customization is a top priority. To suit the range of customer needs, Aluflex doors are available through the Hafele-2-Order program and can be tailor-made with specific dimensions, number of panels, mullions, finish and material including wood, glass, Ecoresin and mirrors.

Loox 3015 Ribbon Light – The easy-to-install strip light, part of the reputable 24 V collection offered by Häfele, offers elongated, uniform lighting with 75 watts of light. Garages are not always well-lit spaces so this solution is ideal for making all garage spaces, including closets and dark corners, accessible. Unlike other LED systems, the Loox lighting system is based on Plug & Play technology so the system can be easily specified and installed without an electrician.

Source: Häfele

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