LADYSMITH, Wis. - Aspen Gold Premium Wood Pellet Bedding, an alternative to traditional animal bedding, is made of 100 percent aspen wood - selected for its high-absorption properties and long-lasting color. The pelletized bedding product, manufactured by Indeck Ladysmith, LLC of Ladysmith, Wis., is all natural and equine safe.

Aspen Gold was recently tested by an unbiased, third-party testing firm against other leading absorbent animal bedding products manufactured from pine wood.

"Our product provides unique advantages when compared to the other bedding products already on the market," said Jeffrey Shultz, Plant Manager, Aspen Gold. "By manufacturing our bedding from aspen wood, we are able to provide a healthier, less labor-intensive bedding option for those who own or manage horses."

With regard to moisture absorption, Aspen Gold outperformed the pine products, expanding to at least three times its dry volume. Neither of the pine products tested were able to match the expansion on Aspen Gold. At their best, the pine products reached only 87.5 percent of the volume of expanded Aspen Gold.

When activated with water, the pine-based bedding products broke down into a silt-like substance, reducing their comfort and support benefits. Aspen Gold did not compress or clump, allowing it to retain its cushioning qualities.

"We selected aspen wood for our product to provide the best absorption and expansion properties to our customers," said Schultz. "Extreme compression, as is evident with pine products, will likely leave pools of liquid on the floor of a stall when it is cleaned."

In addition to superior moisture absorption, Aspen Gold also produced little dust. The small amount of dust that Aspen Gold did produce was in the form of larger particles. Pine bedding tended to produce fine particles that are more likely to become airborne and endanger the respiratory health of horses.

"In general, pelletized bedding is superior to other bedding options in terms of value and reduced dust generation," said Schultz. "However, Aspen Gold, manufactured from 100 percent aspen wood, is superior to pine in both areas. We are proud to be the leading aspen-based bedding manufacturer."

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Aspen Gold Premium Wood Pellet Bedding is a product of Indeck Ladysmith, LLC, a subsidiary of Indeck Energy Services, Inc. Aspen Gold Premium Wood Pellet Bedding is specifically designed, formulated and manufactured for animal use. The product is manufactured in Ladysmith, Wis. Indeck Energy Services, Inc. was established in 1985 and is headquartered in Buffalo Grove, IL.

Source: Aspen Gold

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