Lancaster, PA - Three Armstrong Floor Products – Performance Plus™ hardwood and Duality Premium Plus™ and StrataMax Better™ vinyl sheet – were awarded a prestigious Consumers Digest® Best Buy™ designation as top-rated options for affordable kitchen makeovers. Best Buys in flooring are selected based on quality of construction, range of style options and exclusivity of species or design. 

Armstrong's Performance Plus line of "Made in the USA" engineered hardwood flooring, starting at approximately $4.99 per square foot uninstalled, uses proprietary acrylic-infusion technology to give it terrific strength while enhancing the wood's natural beauty. According to Consumers Digest, "No other engineered wood flooring has a wider variety of options than this line does, and it's the only line we found that features a top layer of wood that's infused with acrylic. Independent experts tell us this increases the hardness of the wood and that helps it resist dents and deep scratches."

"This is the perfect floor for those who want hardwood that will look beautiful day after day – especially in active households," said Mara Villanueva-Heras, vice president, Marketing, Armstrong. "Hardwood floors aren't meant to be just for show: These floors offer increased indent resistance and resistance to scratches and stains when compared to regular hardwood, as well as a 50-year warranty."

Duality Premium Plus vinyl sheet flooring offers ultra-realistic 3D visuals along with fiberglass and ToughGuard® wear layers that provide exceptional durability and superior stain protection. The floors are designed to meet specific performance and lifestyle needs, including glue-down and loose-lay installation options.  Consumers Digest editors said, "The Duality Premium Plus line has the widest variety of stone and wood finishes we found among vinyl flooring." Armstrong achieves Duality's stunningly realistic visuals with its exclusive MasterWorks Technology 3D with VTx™ which, similar to a high-definition television, captures the depth, definition and dimension of natural materials, so that stones look and feel like stones, and wood looks and feels like wood. 

StrataMax Better vinyl sheet has a 70 percent stone content in the base layer that holds the floor down and adds durability. Consumers Digest found its 26 stone designs to be notable. According to Consumers Digest, "You'd have to spend nearly $1 more per square foot to get a longer warranty period...."

"We are thrilled to be recognized by this notable organization. We devote top engineering, design and manufacturing processes to every product, and the evaluation by Consumers Digest is seen as a benchmark of quality, highlighting the durability, beauty and performance of our popular flooring lines," said Villanueva-Heras.

The Consumers Digest Best Buy rating is awarded, on average, to fewer than 3 percent of the competing models in any given product category. For 50 years people have trusted Consumers Digest to identify exceptional values in the marketplace.

Source: Armstrong Floor Products

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