Bohemia, N.Y. - On July 19, 2012, baby furniture manufacturer, Argington, released a statement in the wake of a California Governor’s recent call to action for his state to review standards in order to reduce or eliminate toxic chemicals that could be in baby products and furniture, emphasizing Argington’s belief that eco-friendly and organic products not only help the environment, but also children and their families.

The standards that Gov. Jerry Brown wants to change deal with California’s flammability standard dating back to the 1970’s. According to the Chicago Tribune, “many manufacturers apply his state's standard to furniture and baby products sold across the country. Federal and independent scientists say flame retardants added to meet the rule provide no meaningful protection from fires, and some of the chemicals are linked to cancer, neurological deficits, impaired fertility and developmental problems.”

According to the article, changing or removing the rule known as “Technical Bulletin 117” would be the greatest step any state or country has made towards the elimination of flame retardants. It is essential that action take place as soon as possible, because it is believed that this product is building up in people’s bodies as well as the global environment.

Argington manufactures nursery furniture and kids’ bedding that is eco-friendly, designed with the safety of children and family’s in mind. In addition, products from Argington offer mobility and convertibility for multi-purpose use.

Source: Argington


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