BOHEMIA, NY  --  On Oct. 18, baby furniture manufacturer Argington commented on the Hyatt Hotel’s decision to implement a new organic menu selection aimed at children, which features an upscale three course meal.

According to an article from the New York Times, “a new all-organic, prix fixe menu designed by Alice Waters and prepared at Hyatt Hotels across North America. The three-course menu starts with a crudité-style romaine salad with vinaigrette for dipping. Pesto chicken with roast potatoes precedes a dessert of orange and strawberry slices served in a hollowed-out orange rind.” The Times also stated one reason why the menu is only being rolled out now, quoting Grand Hyatt Atlanta executive chef Thomas McKeown that “for years it’s been very difficult for hotels to go organic because supply wasn’t there.”

Spokesperson for baby furniture manufacturer Argington, Clay Darrohn, commends the Hyatt’s decision to offer an organic meal for kids. “An organic menu selection for kids is a great idea. It is just as important for children to eat healthy as it is for adults,” says Darrohn. “Unfortunately you do not always see that option available for kids, but I am hoping this is a sign of things to come. As a parent, you want to give your kids the best available options.”

Darrohn also stressed the importance of the organic mindset at Argington. “Just like at the Hyatt Hotel, choosing to embrace the organic lifestyle is very important to Argington.” Darrohn said. “At Argington, most of our furniture is made with renewable birch wood with 0% formaldehyde emissions, as well as non-toxic materials and we frequently use 100% certified organic cottons.”

Argington is a New York based maker of wonderful baby furniture and nursery bedding. Proudly offering sustainable products that are organic or eco-friendly, Argington’s products are also designed with mobility and multiple uses in mind to make parents’ lives easier.

Source: Argington


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