Arcbazar Introduces Cost Calculator for Home Improvement Projects
January 2, 2014 | 12:47 pm CST

CAMBRIDGE, MA -- Arcbazar launches new online cost estimation tool for clients to get rough quotes for their home improvement projects.

About 15 million home owners each year do some kind of remodeling to their homes, start new homes from scratch, redesign their interiors or improve their landscape designs in the United States. Most people often wonder what such an endeavor would cost their budget. To respond to this recurrent question of clients, Arcbazar, the first-of-its-kind crowdsourcing platform for architectural design projects, developed a tool at allowing clients to quickly get a ball park cost figure on their architectural-, interior-, landscape-, commercial- and new residential design projects. offers an easy, affordable and convenient way to acquire multiple designs for home remodeling projects online. Home owners post their design challenges on Arcbazar and launch a contest among designers worldwide. These projects can range from redesigning closet spaces, to kitchen remodeling projects, to additions, landscape projects, retail spaces and entire new homes. Designers from all around the world participate in these competitions and offer customized designs to the client’s peculiar needs.

Arcbazar is a young start-up company out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has run hundreds of design contests successfully. The contests and designers are spread all over the world, and on average each project challenge receives about 9 designs. Mikael, a client from France is currently running a remodeling project for the house of famous French poet Jean Cocteau. He was the first client using Arcbazar’s new cost estimator for his design contest, ‘I like tool and the idea behind Arcbazar, hope that it will leverage significantly my project,’ says Mikael. The cost estimation tool allows anyone, anywhere in the world to get an idea on the design costs of their projects at their fingertips. It is an easy, quick and convenient tool. It subsequently allows clients to launch their design contests on Arcbazar -- if they choose to do so.

About Arcbazar, Inc. is the first-of-its-kind online crowdsourcing platform for architectural design projects. The company connects clients with designers worldwide, and allows clients to run competitions for their remodeling, home, commercial and interior design projects. To learn more, visit

Source: Arcbazar

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