ICA – the Italian group that is among the leading names in Europe in terms of the manufacture and marketing of special coatings for wood –¬ is launching an important new range that will have a significant impact on the world of coating products for exteriors.

This line of metallic impregnating agents and top coats integrates with the already extensive Arborea Range.

The new Arborea Metal range is composed of water-based impregnating agents and top coats with a metallic effect, which are able to deliver a high level of protection thanks to the presence of metallic pigments that preserve the wood against the degradation resulting from UV rays.

• The Arborea Metal water-based metallic impregnating agents (IM764VM series) are particularly suitable for the coating of rustic matchboarding sited outdoors. Available in 6 different metallic shades, the coatings make it possible to achieve an aged effect, which is the ideal solution for modern buildings with wooden facades, but is also perfect for all external structures where an innovative aesthetic impact is required.

They are applied with a dual coat and produce a result similar to the wax effect, making them also very pleasant to the touch. The ease with which they can be applied and refreshed further widens their potential for use on external or internal wooden structures and coverings. Last but not least, these impregnating agents deliver surprising results in revitalizing wood that has been aged by atmospheric agents.

• The Arborea Metal line also includes the new water-based metallic finishes of the LA321VM series. The coatings are available in 9 different shades that have been specifically designed for the coating of exterior frames, shutters and matchboarding made of wood. This line of finishes fulfils the requirement for innovation in the coloring of frames and shutters, so that these wooden components can keep pace with the latest developments in the embellishment of furnishings.

The Arborea Metal coatings are applied as top coats and, thanks to the metallic pigments they contain, they offer greater protection against UV rays than normal lacquered finishes.

2010 saw the start of the Arborea Sun project, which is geared towards analyzing the performance of water-based coatings for exteriors and is being run by ICA in collaboration with its technological partner Q-Lab. This accredited laboratory for the testing of the durability of materials is based in Ohio and has a presence in Germany, the UK and China. The project has allowed the laboratory to verify the effective resistance of ICA products, and as a result, ICA is in a position to guarantee that those products will have a durability in excess of 10 years.

ICA Group, based in the central-Italian city of Civitanova Marche (in the province of Macerata) is a leading European name in the manufacture and marketing of special coatings for wood. In 2012, through its three manufacturing plants, two of which are located in Civitanova Marche, with the third being situated in Romano D’Ezzelino (in the Veneto region), the group posted a turnover of €104 million, 42% of which was generated through export markets. ICA has a 16% share of the Italian market and employs a workforce of 380.

Its products stand out for their quality, high level of innovation and deep-rooted commitment to the reduction of environmental impact.

For the three-year period 2011-2013, the company has set aside an investment of €9.3 million for growth, research and product innovation. Currently, 42 professional researchers are based in the central laboratory in Civitanova Marche, with another 43 based in the R&D Center in Romano D'Ezzelino. All of the research activities are carried out in an ecologically friendly way in an attempt to enrich and prolong the life of wood treated with ICA Group products.

In 1995, the European Union awarded the LIFE mark to ICA's range of bicomponent water-based coatings, thereby providing official recognition of the “durable and sustainable development” demonstrated by the company. ICA's bicomponent coatings were the only products to be given the award in the coating products field.

ICA products are distributed directly in USA and Canada by ICA North America.

For more information: Tel. 519-768-0732 - info@icaamerica.biz

Source: ICA S.p.A


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