Las Vegas - Recognized for excellence during the fourth annual Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) Solid-State Lighting (SSL) design competition, Amerlux received Five Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) Awards at LightFair International in Las Vegas. Amerlux, an industry leader of task-specific, energy-efficient lighting solutions and an innovator of LED solutions for retail, supermarket, commercial and hospitality markets, received NGL Awards for the Hornet Line Voltage LED Track Luminaire, Hornet LED Multiples, the Evoke 2.9 G2 LED Recessed Downlight, the Evoke 4.75 G2 LED Downlight, and Evoke 4.75 G2 LED Wall Washer. In addition, these Amerlux products have met the latest ENERGY STAR® Program V1.1 Requirements to-date.

Amerlux Receives FIVE NGL Awards for LED Indoor Lighting FixturesSponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), and the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), NGL was launched in 2008 to promote excellence in the design of energy-efficient LED luminaires for general illumination in commercial lighting applications. The Next Generation Luminaires competition was created to recognize and promote excellence in the design of energy-efficient LED commercial lighting luminaires and increase market acceptance and awareness of LEDs for general illumination lighting.

“We are extremely proud that five of our offerings were recognized for their design and technology excellence in this year’s NGL Award Competition,” said Frank P. Diassi, Chairman and Founder of Amerlux. “These awards have elevated Amerlux to the upper echelon of energy efficient LED commercial lighting providers.”

Recognized for Indoor Accent Track Lighting, the Hornet Line Voltage LED Track Luminaire features a miniature, dimmable, energy saving Hornet accent that is mountable on a variety of track systems. Judges like the “nice smooth beam spread and appearance” and were especially impressed by the accessories offered. The Hornet LED Track Fixture delivered an output of 822 lumens; using input power of 15.5 watts; an efficacy of 53.17 lumens per watt; a power factor of .99; a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 3107K; and a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 81.7.

The Hornet LED Multiples were recognized for Recessed Accent Lighting and the dimmable, energy saving 12-watt LED accents offered in a one-, two-. three- or four-head recessed housing for a clean architectural look. Designed to deliver quality color and precision aiming, Hornet Multiples were acknowledged by judges for their “symmetrical distribution, nice beam shape and efficacy.” The LED Multiples, which are designed with clean trim or trimless options, produced 679.6 lumens with an input power of 11.9 watts, an efficacy of 57.21 lumens per watt, a power factor of .97, a 3035K CCT and an 83 CRI.

Recognized for Recessed Downllghting, the Evoke 4.75 second-generation LED Downlight offers impressive performance, high lumen delivery, and consistent color with full dimmability. Evoke features a seamless square trim, with or without a flange, and a high efficiency lens for uniformed illumination. The “accessibility and warm color” impressed the judges. The light output was 1058 lumens; the input power was 17.7 watts; the
efficacy was 59.64 lumens per watt; the
power factor was 1.0; the
CCT was 3012K; and the CRI was 84.4.

Also recognized for Recessed Downllghting, the Evoke 2.9 G2 LED Downlight integrates fit, finish, and attention to detail with performance and control. The second generation LED downlight features high lumen delivery, consistent color, dimming and glare control, superior cutoff, and a variety of distribution options. Judges acknowledged the "good glare control and distribution.” Based on luminaire testing, the light output was 566 lumens; the
input power was 12.2 watts; the
efficacy was 46.24 lumens per watt; the
power factor was .97; the
CCT was 3032K; and the CRI was 82.3.

The Evoke 4.75 G2 LED Wall Washer was recognized for Recessed Wall Washing and its asymmetrical distribution and dimmable, even illumination with crisp, consistent color. Judges appreciated the "nice aesthetics and serviceability” of the Evoke second generation LED Wall Washer. Based on luminaire testing, the light output was 923 lumens; the
input power was 17.9 watts; the
efficacy was 51.59 lumens per watt; the power factor was 1.0; the
CCT was 2987K; and the CRI was 84.2.

All five luminaires are backed by Amerlux’s limited 10-year warranty.

“Ultimately, the NGL Showcase helps lighting designers and specifiers find the best LED lighting products worthy of specification,” said Chuck Campagna, CEO and President of Amerlux. “The judging panel has determined that our Hornet and Evoke luminaires demonstrate high levels of quality, consistency, glare control, serviceability, value, appearance, efficacy, dimming, and life rating. We thank them for their dedication and hard work.”

Source: Amerlux LLC


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