PITTSBURGH, PA -- The Hardwood Council has transitioned into the American Hardwood Information Center and information seeking architects, designers and builders, active in sustainable design, can now rely on the recently redesigned HardwoodInfo.com as their comprehensive go-to resource.

"This website now encompasses a vast amount of industry knowledge for both professionals and consumers seeking information about American hardwoods," says Linda Jovanovich, executive vice president for the Hardwood Manufacturers Association. "From specifying tools and tips to case studies and photo galleries, the site is both informational and inspirational - and we plan to add even more functionality in the coming months."

Redesigned to include much of the more "technical" information previously housed on the Hardwood Council's website, visitors to HardwoodInfo.com will find that it features two main sections for quick and easy navigation. Designers, Specifiers and Professionals considering hardwood as a material selection, will find a species guide, design inspiration, project support and even continuing education opportunities. "Average Joe" Hardwood Admirers and Enthusiasts, looking for help with their home projects, will easily find design trends, care and maintenance, an Image Gallery, and much more.

HardwoodInfo.com is a must see for all involved in sustainable specification. And the American Hardwood Information Center is confident you'll like what you find there.

Source: American Hardwood Information Center

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