Farmingdale, N.Y. and Atlanta – Amana Tool, manufacturer of industrial-quality carbide-tipped, solid carbide and replacement carbide cutting tools, today announced the company is showcasing its cutting tools during the 2012 IWF Fair in Atlanta. Visitors to Amana’s booth (#5147) at IWF, which runs from August 22-25 at the Georgia World Congress Center, can get a first-hand look at the latest additions to the company’s product line that tackle a variety of cutting challenges in materials ranging from solid wood and MDF to plastics and laminates.

Among the products on display at Amana’s IWF booth are:

•Amana’s new ElectroBlu™-coated saw blades feature an exclusive clear non-stick saw blade coating. The coating is applied using an environmentally friendly electrostatic process, resulting in a stronger covering that is more uniform in thickness across the entire saw blade body. ElectroBlu’s micron-thin coating is much thinner than others on the market today and doesn’t interfere with saw blade clearances or cutting performance, while protecting the surface of the blade from resin build-up and corrosion.

•The In-Groove™ CNC insert engraving system (item AMS-209), an 8-piece set of the most popular In-Groove router profiles, includes industrial-quality solid carbide inert knives that can quickly and easily be interchanged for a variety of applications in laminated materials, veneers, MDF, plastics, wood and solid surface. The full In-Groove collection includes other knife tips, such as V-shaped tips that can also be used to engrave aluminum, brass and copper.

•The double edge folding V groove router bits (item 45792) produce a 90º angle and flat bottom in aluminum composite materials (ACM) such as Alucobond® and Dibond®. The bits can be widely used to create cladding for many diverse applications such as office buildings, hospitals, convention centers, airports and hotels. By routing V-shaped grooves, users can remove the aluminum cover and a part of the polyethylene core to enable folding the remaining material by hand.

•Amana’s new carbide-tipped corner rounding 3D router bits (item #49528) were designed exclusively with master craftsman Lonnie Bird to enable woodworkers to more easily create rounded profiles and compound curves, including sharp curves. The bit is specifically designed for freehand routing using table-mounted routers and delivers smooth, consistent cuts that don’t gouge the wood.

•Each item in the Amana-exclusive series of miniature bearing router bits (item #MR0102) features a 3/16” diameter ball bearing guide that is much smaller than other ball bearing router bits on the market and eliminates burnout caused by brass pin-piloted bits. The bits come in a variety of profiles including round over, chamfer, flush, bevel trim and rabbet, making them ideal for delicate projects such as sign-making, building musical instruments, routing letter edges, flush trimming tight corners and high-production projects.

•Designed for use with abrasive materials such as carbon fiber, Trespa® and fiberglass, the solid carbide roughing spiral multi-flute router bits (item #46133) are ideal for industrial applications, including manufacturing airplanes and boats, using CNC and table mounted router machines. Amana’s unique multi-flute router bit geometry helps prevent chip out on the top of the material by pushing chips down during the cutting pass.

•Amana’s seven-piece Prestige™ mighty adjustable super fine dado groover set (item #61370) enables woodworkers, cabinetmakers and furniture makers to create strong joinery such as tenons, rabbets, box joints and corner lap, among others. Designed for use in 3/4” arbor shaper machines, the set consists of seven laser-cut hardened steel cutters coated in Amana’s new ElectroBlu™ eco-friendly non-stick coating.

“We look forward to spending time with our customers and peers during IWF to explore emerging technologies and innovations in the woodworking industry,” said Frank Misiti, Amana Tool technical director. “With the release of our latest product catalog, Amana has incorporated a number of these advancements and continued to provide innovative, affordable cutting solutions with the high quality that both professionals and hobbyists have come to expect.”

Representatives will be available at the Amana booth to answer questions and discuss featured products. For more information on IWF, visit

Source: Amana Tool

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