FARMINGDALE, NY -- Amana Tool, manufacturer of industrial-quality carbide-tipped, solid carbide and replacement carbide cutting tools, today announced its new Prestige mighty adjustable super fine dado groover set. Woodworkers, cabinetmakers and furniture makers can use the dado set to create strong joinery such as tenons, rabbets, box joints and corner lap, among others. Designed for use in 3/4” arbor shaper machines, the seven-piece set is ideal for use in softwood, hardwood and man-made boards.

The Prestige adjustable dado groover set consists of seven laser-cut hardened steel cutters coated in Amana’s new Electro Blu eco-friendly non-stick coating. The micron-thin coating protects the surface of the blade from resin build-up and corrosion, prolonging the blade life and ensuring optimum performance. Each blade features four tungsten carbide tips that last longer than standard saw blade tips and produce smooth edges, flat-bottom cuts and grooves both along and across the grain that are free of splinters and rough edges. The set accommodates undersized plywood and can be adjusted as needed using the included shim set.

“With the new Prestige adjustable dado set, woodworkers can more easily and safely create deeper tenons and other joints than previously possible with a table saw or using hand tools,” said Frank Misiti, technical director with Amana. “This unique solution is the latest example of Amana’s commitment to working with our customers to identify and solve a number of woodworking problems with innovative tool designs.”

Amana’s seven-piece Prestige super-fine adjustable dado set, which includes a shim set for custom adjustments. For more information, including a list of authorized dealers, visit

Source: Amana Tool


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