MARION, IN -- Advanced Cabinet Systems (ACS), a manufacturer of plastic laminate casework and millwork for educational, healthcare and retail markets announced their 2012 plans today.  “We’ve spent the better part of the third quarter organizing and planning for 2012,” says Phil Bowers, vice president of Business Development for the company.  “We’ve put the final touches on our catalogs, marketing materials and most importantly our dealer agreement.” ACS is changing their business model in the casework industry to focus mainly on selling their products through a network of dealers.  “We’re in negotiations now with an Indiana based dealer to handle projects locally and hope to have everything finalized by the end of the year,” says Bowers.

ACS is also looking at breaking into the Pacific Northwest market.  “We’ve been working on several projects in the Northwest and see a big opportunity out there,” Bowers says.  “In fact, we’re traveling out there within the next week to look at a warehouse and some office space.”  The growth happening at ACS stems from the 2011 machinery investments to their factory and the additional sales and financial staff brought on to grow the business.  “It’s been a whirlwind year at ACS,” says Jay Higgins, director of Casework Sales.

Higgins was brought on a year ago this month and has been tasked with finding and setting up strong dealers across the country.  “I’ve got about 20 years of experience in this industry, ” says Higgins.  “I know that ACS has a strong name in the market and there are many interested companies excited about doing business with us.”  Higgins has been exploring different markets and businesses in North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Washington, Oregon and other areas across the Midwest.

 “It’s very important that ACS maintains the good name we have in the market,” says Higgins.  “There are many great dealers out there, but there are also a few bad apples.  We’re going to be selective of the dealers we do business with because maintaining our reputation as a quality manufacturer is absolutely essential.”

Source: Advanced Cabinet Systems 


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