Marion, Ind. - Advanced Cabinet Systems (ACS) of Marion, Indiana, has released Version 1.1 of their Revit Families Catalog. ACS is a manufacturer of Division 12 Plastic Laminate Casework and retail store fixtures. The ACS Revit Catalog is designed to allow architects and interior designers to easily access the complete physical casework catalog in the Revit Family Format. Since the initial release of the catalog in June of this year, ACS has collected feedback from architects, added new options, and added new sections.

“We as a company want to change the game, the way our industry operates. It states that in our mission statement,” says Phil Bowers, Vice President at ACS. “With the update of the Revit Families catalog and our physical catalog, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve ourselves, our industry, community, and product. Our goal is to help the casework industry flourish by providing architects with the latest technology,” said Bowers.

“Revit Families are a part of the BIM technology movement that improves the process of building design and construction. Manufacturers must be able to keep up with new demands of 3D material. With the release of Version 1.1, the entirety of the ACS physical catalog is now in the Revit Families version,” said Kyle Rennaker, ACS Revit Engineer. Rennaker went on to say, “One of the many benefits of an architect or interior designer having the ACS Revit Families catalog is that each cabinet is to the standards of Advanced Cabinet Systems, allowing easy size adjustments.”

ACS is committed to keeping the BIM movement moving forward and is excited to help create more progressive building construction methods.

Source: Advanced Cabinet Systems

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