MARION, IN - Advanced Cabinet Systems (ACS), Indiana’s leading Plastic Laminate Casework and Store Fixture Manufacturer, announces today the launch of their complete REVIT Families catalog. The catalog was made to meet the ever-changing demands of technology in the architectural community.

“This is the direction that the industry is moving” says Jay Higgins, Director of Casework at ACS “We’ve had a tremendous amount of input and feedback from architects all over the U.S. Providing these drawing to them is just a small part of a big movement towards smart building”. Jay goes on to say that the architectural community knows that smart buildings are the future and that it’s going to take the Architect’s due diligence to make sure that their specified partners are able to provide these crucial elements.

REVIT is Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that encompasses both 3D modeling and 2D drafting capabilities. The models that REVIT produces are considered to be “intelligent” models, as they represent real physical, working building components. Essentially the building is built on screen with all of the kinks worked out before the first brick is laid. Once built, all REVIT components from the drawing that are placed in the actual building can be tracked over time and easily accessed if needed.

Advanced Cabinet Systems hired a full time REVIT engineer from Purdue University last summer, who has been working tirelessly on the catalog since day one. “REVIT Families are similar to AutoCAD Blocks, only the capabilities of REVIT provide a much more realistic representation that will be active throughout the lifespan of a building” says Kyle Rennaker, REVIT Engineer at ACS “with REVIT Families from ACS, Architects and Designers will be able to integrate our products directly into their drawings. The drawings will represent the actual physical building elements, and building managers will be able to track them over time.”

“BIM is the future of building design, construction, and management” says Phil Bowers, Vice President for ACS. “BIM is not only vital in the conceptual stages of a project, but it also plays a major role in the construction of a building, and even facility management upon a building’s completion.” Phil goes on to say that if every business involved in the construction of a ground up building provided a BIM solution to the architect, a truly smart building would be the result.

ACS is committed to keeping the BIM movement moving forward and is excited to help create more progressive building construction methods.

Advanced Cabinet Systems is located in Marion, Indiana and has been manufacturing casework products since 1983. Their facility practices LEAN manufacturing and has received AWI Premium Certification. Their retail fixture division specializes in custom store fixtures, floor plan layout, feature and focus displays, and cashwraps. The architectural casework division specializes in Division 12 casework and Division 6 millwork and solid surface fabrication. For more information on their product lines and company, contact Phil Bowers at (765) 677-8000 or email


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