Assago, Italy- Acimall, the Confindustria-member association representing the industry of technology, wood and accessories for the furniture industry and woodworking, is looking forward to another year of intensive activities on the global markets. It’s an industry with a very strong propensity to export, accounting for more than 80 percent of production, looking at the global markets for satisfaction denied by a still stagnating domestic market.

“Our mission is and will always be doing all it takes to promote “made in Italy” all over the world”, said Dario Corbetta, director of the association. “The tough years we are going through have made everything more complicated, but we did not give up our duty, playing a role that will be even more strategic based on the decisions made for 2014”.

Two types of actions: the official stand, delivering information to visitors, and collective Italian pavilions, organized by Acimall or in cooperation with Ice, the Italian Foreign Trade agency, to increase the visibility of exhibitors by gathering them inside an “Italian area”. For all exhibitions, a service to “Find agents” will be offered, developed by the association’s officials to identify and select local companies willing to represent Italian technology in their country.


The board of directors of the association has approved a program where most efforts are focused on events in emerging markets or regions where it is more difficult for companies to operate individually, while they have been present for several decades in all “mature” countries.

The program is particularly intensive in the second half of 2014, between September and November, when several interesting events for Italian technology are taking place.

In Colombia (March) and Peru (October), Acimall is attending supported by Ice, the Italian Foreign Trade agency, leveraging synergies that will increase visibility and tangible benefits for exhibiting companies. The third stage in South America (Brazil in July) will be a big exhibition, “Formobile”, where Acimall will have their own stand supporting the direct participation of Italian companies, just like at Iwf in Atlanta (United States in August).

Indiawood (India in February) is going to be a major event also this year, with a collective Acimall pavilion gathering a great number of Italian companies; same situation in Russia (Moscow, in October), another generous market for Italian woodworking technology.

A very interesting initiative is the decision to attend events in Myanmar, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Belarus or the Slovak Republic, regions to observe with great attention in view of the developments that can be expected in the short and medium term.

Source: Acimall


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