Pillar Machine has purchased the assets, inventory, receivables, and intellectual property from the bank that foreclosed on Accu-Systems.

Accu-Systems is considered a household name in the woodworking industry. They have successfully produced the top standard stock machines along with several lines of custom machines for customers. The 30+ years of success in building woodworking machine had to come to a close on November 6, 2013. Mel Hatch, who was the sole owner of Accu-Systems has employed and trained many people over the years to become very knowledgably in this industry and is proud to have made high quality machines, machines that will last a long time. 

Jeff Hatch is Mel Hatch’s’ son who has worked in this industry with Accu-Systems for over 20 years. I can provide for you a professional CV so you can see the accomplishments of Jeff Hatch and understand who is behind Pillar Machine. Mr. Jeff Hatch is the sole owner of Pillar Machine. Since Pillar acquired the intellectual knowledge he will be building the standard stock machines that Accu-Systems built. Pillar has plans to bring out other models but for now will focus only on the stock machines. Pillar Machine commitment to the industry is to produce high quality machines in about 4 weeks lead time. Accu- Service is a separate entity from Accu-Systems or Pillar Machine; they service and hold the contract for the warrantee for these machines. Accu- Service is the preferred service provider for Pillar Machines and for the Accu-Systems Machines. With that said, Accu-Service customers should feel very confident that they will be able to acquire the needed service and parts for their machines moving forward. Call 801-965-1900 ext. 0 for your service & part needs.

Pillar is offering equipment such as the H49 horizontal point-to-point bore and dowel insertion machine, M45 miter mortise and tenon machine, CMJ rail coping machine, and 2S panel sizing and squaring machine. Other miter and doweling machines are also available.

Pillar Machine is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, telephone 800-369-5746, new website is www.pillarmachine.com.

Pillar Machine was able to offer many of the employees positions whom were prior employees of Accu-Systems, the most fortunate to Pillar Machines were our knowledgeable Sales representatives. Dan Christensen (801-859-2222) will service our Western Customers and Camron Stapley (801-503-2015) our Eastern Customers. Both, very knowledgeable about our machines and what the customer need in his shop to provide the safest more efficient way of producing their products. Our sales representatives can do the installations of the machine so they know their customers are off to a great start using the Pillar Machines.

Source: Pillar Machine

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