MORRISON, TN – Acquired from C.O. Porter (Grand Rapids, MI) in 1982, the Accu-Router Series II set the standard for fixed gantry, ballscrew-driven CNC routing through 1989. Many are still in production for their original owner!

Rugged as the Series II was, its below limitations paved the way for today’s Series III design:

  • Narrow 50” gantry could only accommodate (1) routing spindle and slim air drill;
  • Round Thomson rails can’t compare with speed, precision or longevity of later THK square rails, and are eventually prone to scoring; 
  • Round rails plus traditional ballscrews limited speeds to 600 in/min (rapid) and 300 in/min (cutting)
  • Today’s Fanuc controls feature digital drives, advanced datacom, and hi-speed cornering that virtually eliminates the “following error” of the 1980’s

So what of the aging population of Accu-Router Series II’s? One was rebuilt mechanically as far back as 1997 for Larson Boats, but with no performance gain. Can they be modernized via Green CNC, or just restored to their original capability?

In collaboration with the University of Tennessee, Accu-Router set out to cost-effectively overcome the Series II’s limitations to broaden its Green CNC renewal program.

First, a worn-out 1987 Series II was acquired after the closure of Baja Marine. To add a programmable drill, the gantry travel must be increased. After structural analysis and modeling, the original gantry was shipped to a fabricator and a critical 24” of steel added to both ends.

Meanwhile, Accu-Router engineers were adapting high-speed THK rails to the original Thomson rail mounting holes. Lastly, an auto-lubricating “spin the nut” ballscrew on the long axis would truly unleash high velocity performance, so the Series II design was modified o provide sufficient clearance under the machine table for the screw and flow-through vacuum plumbing, which wasn’t available in the 1980’s.

Finished Unit Ordered by Boat Manufacturer, Existing Series II User

Accu-Router finished the prototype Series II High Velocity as a factory demo system, available for immediate sale. Shortly thereafter, it was sold to a Florida boat company; an existing Series II user, the new system had the added benefits of an identical footprint, power requirements, and similar control interface, minimizing the customer learning curve. Plus, Accu-Router extended a trade-in credit for the old Series II, hauling it back to their factory on the same truck after delivery.

Highlights of the new Series II High Velocity include:

  •  five times faster rapid positioning and cutting speeds;
  •  rapid positioning 3,000 in/min (XY), 800 inches per minute (Z);
  •  cutting rates to 1,500 in/min, and plunging rates up to 600 in/min;
  •  double holddown system (rollers & 40HP bleeder vacuum) for tighter nests & minimal part movement, whether 1-up or stacked;
  • industry-leading liquid chilled HSK 63F power draw bar spindle that is interfaced to an eight position automatic tool changer;
  •  built-in flotation balls & perimeter swing-up stops for ease and speed of panel stack location;
  • communications ports, and AICC automatic cornering software for maximum cornering speeds.

Accu-Router’s Green CNC program re-acquires fixed gantry routers near the end of their life cycle to modernize within a customer’s budget, up to today's top performance with full warranty. Re-using structural weldments, electrical enclosures and aluminum table can save up to $75,000 vs. an equivalent "all new" machine.

Source: Accu-Router, Inc.

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