Following third party testing of Accoya® - the world-leading modified wood manufactured by Accsys Technologies – its expected service life is now independently reported as extending to 70 years when used for window joinery in the UK and Europe.

The tests were carried by TRADA Technology and following their findings researchers confirmed that when Accoya is used for window joinery, which includes glazed doors, it can achieve a service life of 70 years, if used in Europe.

Bryan Crennell, Director of Sales and Marketing at Accsys Technologies, said: “These findings reaffirm that Accoya is one of, if not the most superior wood product on the market today. Given our confidence in Accoya we already offer our customers a 50 year warranty on the product, however we, like I’m sure many of our customers will be, are thrilled that to learn that Accoya has been independently verified as durable for up to 70 years.”

To achieve this life service, Accoya is produced using Accsys Technologies’ revolutionary patented acetylation process, that modifies wood to the core. The joinery must also be finished to best practise principles using a standard joinery coating that has been evaluated for compatibility and is then maintained over the service live. Any grain exposed to wetting must be end sealed and the window joinery is designed to shed rainwater.

Created using Accsys Technologies’ propriety acetylation technology, Accoya delivers outstanding levels of performance, including dimensional stability, class 1 durability and sustainability. Made with FSC certified wood from legal, manageable and sustainable forests, Accoya is in an attractive wood product which is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified, which is perfect for a variety of uses from windows and doors to external cladding, structural projects and decking.

Accoya is proving to be a popular choice for a range of design projects across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, where customers are looking for a durable, stable and sustainable timber product solution. Accoya is available to purchase worldwide, for further information regarding distributors please visit

Source: Accoya

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