Accord FX

innovation across the board
complete routing-drilling solutions in a comprehensive range of workcenters.

Accord FX Machining Center from Scm Group North AmericaAccord 20 FX completes the range of SCM’s mobile gantry workcenters, designed mainly for the production of door and window frames, stairs and solid wood parts.

The Accord fx range with the three versions 20, 30 and 40 now available, is able to offer a complete series of solutions to meet all the requirements of an extremely advanced market, that demands great attention, precision and reliability from every detail. The hallmark of the range is easy to use state of the art technology available to everyone, from large companies to small woodworking workshops that need to produce quality products.

utmost precision across the whole work area
The mobile gantry structure,designed and manufactured entirely by SCM, ensures maximum precision across the whole work area at all times, even with large dimensions, both with bar tables and with multi-purpose tables.

maximum table set up speed
The bars worktable is available with various management levels, all easy to use. In the“Matic” version the setup only requires a few seconds, each unit is fitted with its own motor, which allows for the simultaneous movement of all the parts.

The exclusive and proven aluminum multi-purpose worktable can be used to hold down parts of any shape and machine panels with nesting technology.

reduction of unproductive times
The tools magazines, positioned on the machining heads allow for tool changes in masked time. Positioned on the mobile gantry they can house up to 48 large sized tools which can be changed in just 5 seconds with the“Mach 5”shuttle.

machining head
The Accord fx range features the widest choice of electro-spindles on the market: from 3 to 5 interpolating axes, high torque or high speed, with HSK63F or HSK63E tapers, all designed and manufactured by Scm Group.

 “brc” patented multi-purpose unit
The unique BRC unit cuts, routs and drills both vertically and horizontally, along with the main electro-spindle, for all the accessory machining on door and window frames. BRC ensures faster machining speeds, reduced number of tool changes and greater availability of stations in the magazines.

 “pro speed” and “pro space” safety systems
The new “ProSpeed”and“Pro Space” safety systems ensure that all the machine’s potential can be exploited to the maximum, with no obstacles to the operator in approaching the worktable in complete safety and maximum dimension in pendulum machining.

The “ProSpace” version reduces the space required to start the machine to the minimum.

Source: Scm Group North America:

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