Accessa Coatings, HIT & Liquid Recovery Form Partnership
June 21, 2013 | 2:17 pm CDT

INDIANAPOLIS — Accessa Coatings Solutions, HIT Solutions and Liquid Recovery Inc. are partnering to grow each company’s access to innovative technologies and products for clients working in coatings, surface treatments and other industries.

“We view the growing demand for more sustainable practices as an opportunity for clients to increase their competitive edge. This partnership enhances the already strong value-add that each company offers by increasing our clients’ access to information and services that may help them build more profitable, bigger businesses,” says Vince Todd, Jr., Principal at Accessa Coatings Solutions and HIT Solutions.

“A partnership with Accessa can facilitate a more streamlined exchange of information, providing our clientele with the opportunity for better-quality coating compounds and Accessa’s clientele with the opportunity to recycle and reuse their solvents and save precious capital at the same time,” says Michael Kirchhubel, Operations Manager at Liquid Recovery.

Solvent recycling has been available for more than 30 years and became more common after the enactment of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) in 1976, according to Environmental Protection.

“With rising commodities prices ─ especially for petroleum-based products ─ the case for recycling becomes even more compelling,” Paul DeVeau reports in the online magazine. Many coating users and producers have yet to weigh the value of recycling to determine if it is in their business’s best interest. Accessa, HIT Solutions and Liquid Recovery help clients make smart decisions about how to manage their waste.

“The solvent recycling industry has had steady growth even through the recession. This also may be due to better information exchange between waste generators. Solvent recycling provides a more efficient use of the materials on hand and getting this information to new companies has always been a welcome challenge,” Kirchhubel says.

In March 2013, Accessa Coatings Solutions and HIT Solutions announced a similar partnership with Cornerstone Environmental, a Zionsville, Ind., company providing consulting, engineering and training in matters related to sustainability, the environment, OSHA and compliance.

Accessa Coatings Solutions provides metal, wood, plastic, electrostatic and other coatings to businesses across the Midwest. Accessa commits itself to maintaining a service-first attitude and partnering with pioneers in research and development of innovative coatings, like Becker Acroma, Industria Chimica Adriatica (ICA), Niles Chemical Paint (NCP), Gemini Coatings, IVC Industrial Coatings, PPG, EZ Stains, Sayerlack, General Finishes, and more. Accessa is based in Indianapolis with four additional locations across the Midwest.

HIT Solutions provides a variety of specialty, metalworking, pretreatment and chemical solutions to customers across the Midwest. HIT Solutions commits itself to maintaining a service-first attitude and partnering with pioneers in research and development of innovative adhesive, chemical specialty, metalworking, and surface treatment solutions.

Liquid Recovery is based in Louisville, Ky., has been in the business of on-site recycling for nearly 20 years. The company is committed to protecting the environment, reducing the amount of solvent being burned, reducing disposable waste, reducing virgin solvent use and reducing the transportation of hazardous materials across our country.

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