ARDIS Information Systems announces its own sales and support team for North America. ARDIS has provided optimization software for cut to size operations in wood, composite, plastic, glass and metal industries for over 25 years and is the leader in this field.

Arnout De Lille, CEO of ARDIS Belgium says, “Thanks to this new team we will bring closer contact with our software development resources to meet the demands of the North American market. Our customers, software and machinery partners will benefit from closer communication with our software development team”.

Based in North Carolina, the new team has many years of experience working with Ardis software. Continuity and support of existing customers and partners is being led by Angie Blake who has worked with ARDIS support for 15 years. Sales are being led by David Talbot who has 16 years of experience with ARDIS applications. Bern De Lille is responsible for ARDIS worldwide operations and coordinating resources to meet existing and future market demands.

With this experienced team ARDIS will bring more stable, innovative and flexible solutions to the North American market.

ARDIS specializes in optimization solutions for both saw and nested base CNC Routers, including Real-Time Labeling solutions. ARDIS software makes data available to other equipment in plants by way of software integration, labeling, scanning and tracking solutions.

Ardis software is found in many storage retrieval systems integrated with saw and router equipment worldwide.

For more information, contact us at (919) 746-7186;;

Source: ARDIS

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