APA has introduced a new mobile format for its series of Builder Tips. The new format optimizes viewing from mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. Free mobile Builder Tips can be viewed at www.apawood.org/buildertips.

APA Launches Mobile Builder TipsEach Builder Tip addresses a single common topic or challenge in today's building environment – such as panel buckling, squeaky floors, and nail pops – and is designed to help construction professionals save money and improve quality on the job through improved construction practices.

In announcing the new mobile Builder Tips, APA Market Communications Director Marilyn Thompson noted that they will be valuable tools in a “Back to Basics” emphasis on key construction recommendations. “We know that the labor shortage in the construction sector will result in a surge of relatively inexperienced builders and framers who need simple, easy-to-use information and training,” Thompson said. “By making our Builder Tips more accessible to tablet and smartphone users, we’re confident we can get our key construction recommendations out to more contractors.”

The new mobile-friendly format allows Builder Tips to be browsed, opened and viewed quickly from internet-connected devices in the office or field. Seven Builder Tips have already been optimized for mobile viewing, with more to follow next month. All Builder Tips are still available for free download in PDF format (optimal for printing or saving for offline viewing) from the APA Publications Library.

Source: APA

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