Marking a turning point for Xylexpo, it is undoubtedly more "attractive" and concrete version compared to those in the recent past, but especially for Salvador, a company that is now more than ever committed to give proof of their choices, of their strategies, their own 360 degree coherence. Even in terms of communication.

“For us it was really a huge achievement to win the first prize of the Xia-Xylexpo Innovation Awards, decreed by the journalists in the field, for the category of Communication," said Christian Salvador after receiving the plaque from the hands of Ambrogio Delachi, President of Eumabois, and of Lorenzo Primultini, president of the fair and of Acimall, the association of Italian manufacturers which the company has always been a part of.

"A moment of great intensity and strong emotion, a demonstration that what we believe in allows us to be counted among the protagonists, even if we are and want to continue to remain a small, strong, proactive company in the industry”.

The motivation is a faithful reflection of the "Salvador spirit": "For the instinctive ability to approach all the communication tools in an emotional, personal, involving and direct approach; a capacity that does not get exhausted in promotion campaigns, but that accompanies every action of the company that has always paid great attention to its counterparts."

Because in Salvador, a handshake, a meeting between people matters very, very much. "Even more than the prize - Christian Salvador admits – we enjoyed the congratulations of the journalists, of the operators, of our agents and resellers, of our customers, our partners and even of our competitors!

A sign that we have been able to involve many people in what we are and what we do, going beyond the mere fact of being a woodworking machinery manufacturer ... also if excellent! ", he adds with a smile.

Passion, know-how, the ability to interpret and satisfy the needs of the users. All of this is seen at Salvador’s stand during the exhibition, which recorded a stream of visitors exceeding expectations, not only in terms of numbers, but also in terms of quality and internationality, an element of great importance to a reality that is ever more committed to an international context.

There have also been a few sales during the exhibition, as well as encounters that allow Salvador to regard the second half of the year with even more optimism.

“If the pace of sales and orders were to remain at these levels - added Salvador - 2014 could be our new "record year", confirming the need to manage the growth of our company in a coherent, flexible and smart manner”.

Xylexpo 2014 was a further confirmation of the validity of the range of Salvador’s optimizing saws and cross-cut saws. In Milan, the exhibited products included a "Superpush 200" optimizing pushing saw whose standard version provides maximum flexibility and whose "Window" version becomes a solution "addressed" to the world of doors and windows. Next to it there lies the “latest born” of the "Supercut 500" family, the "Super Fast" version which is the perfect answer for glue panels production and wherever there is a need for defecting, cutting, optimizing at maximum speed. In addition to the updated "Classic 50", an "entry level" manual cross-cut saw, the "Superangle 600" has been proposed to the Xylexpo, a true centre for angle cutting work provided with a highly effective optimization system“


Salvador srl was established 35 years ago in San Vendemiano, in the province of Treviso, in the heart of one of the most important districts in terms of furniture in Europe and in the world, where wood processing and the production of the necessary tools and technologies have a long and rich tradition. Founded by Giorgio Salvador – still managing the company, together with his sons Christian and Manuel – Salvador is specialized in the production of optimizing saws and crosscutting saws for wood. The company pursued a consistently strong, continued growth in many markets around the world (today 95% of the production is exported), while maintaining an agile manufacturing system, which is strongly rooted in the themes of lean production. Human relations and quality assurance have always been at the base of the company’s business "creed”.

Source: Salvador

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