MADBURY, NH - Two local craftsmen, Chris Dennen and Jay Trahan, have joined together to form Seacoast Soapstone, LLC, a specialty company supplying custom fabrication of wood and stone countertops, soapstone sinks, custom cabinetry and custom kitchen design. Seacoast Soapstone is based in Madbury, NH and services clients across northern New England.

With over 40 years of wood and stone working experience, Jay Trahan and Chris Dennen have joined forces to form a new company, Seacoast Soapstone, LLC. The company specializes in custom fabrication of soapstone and wood countertops, soapstone sinks, custom cabinetry and custom kitchen design. Their shop is based in Madbury, NH, but they service clients across northern New England.

"There's been a resurgence of interest in soapstone in this region," stated Trahan, who has used his degree in Architectural Design and Building to offer clients a higher level of craft based on traditional architectural training. "I was born in Vermont, and I've always had a love for the traditional look and feel of soapstone. There's a tremendous demand from people who are looking for alternatives to the ubiquitous granite kitchen countertop. Soapstone has a warm and inviting feel that gets better and better with age, much like an old leather chair. It's not cold and stark like granite."

"We started Seacoast Soapstone to give clients a better option," stated Dennen, who became a professional cabinetmaker and furniture designer after graduating from Hartwick College. "I was designing and building beautiful cabinetry for my customers, but so often they were disappointed with the options available for their countertops. Soapstone countertops have a soft, matte finish, and don't have the issues with staining that granite countertops do. They can be oiled for a dark, rich look or left natural for a softer shade of gray. They are equally at home in an historic New Englander as they are in a contemporary, modern design."

Despite the name, soapstone countertops will be only part of their offering to clients. They will continue to design and build custom cabinetry, and will also offer wood countertops and soapstone sinks as well. "We've developed a number of different designs and options, from integrated drainboards to wood countertops made from antique salvaged lumber," continued Dennen. "We have a passion for working with reclaimed materials and sustainable products. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination."

"Our backgrounds as designers and builders of custom furniture give our clients a wealth of experience to draw upon," stated Trahan. "We're able to solve problems that others can't, and see opportunities to create better solutions for our customers. In the end, it's about enhancing our clients vision and creating a better result."

About Seacoast Soapstone

Jay Trahan was born in northern Vermont and has had a lifelong love of stone and wood working, born out of countless hours in his father's and grandfather's wood shops. He has worked in Vermont and Colorado, but now calls Madbury, New Hampshire his home. He lives with his wife Susan and his two sons, Wyatt and Weston.

Chris Dennen has had a love of woodworking since inheriting his great grandfather's tool collection as a teenager. He's a New England native, and if you don't find him in the shop he'll probably be in the backcountry skiing or hiking. He shares his passion for the outdoors with his wife Sarah and son Reed. They make their home in Durham, New Hampshire.

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