Cape Cod, MA – As Better Homes and Gardens reports, ornate embellishments on cabinetry are one of the top 10 trends in kitchen design. “Gone are the days when cabinets were unembellished boxes,” reads an article on their website.

Furniture-look Cabinetry Styles in KCD Software“Today’s most interesting styles take their finishing touches from furniture and architecture.” Responding to this demand, KCD Software has now added Classic Designs by Matthew Burak’s library of furniture components to their Cabinet/Closet Software Suite.

By integrating Classic Design’s catalogue, cabinet and closet designers using the software are able to quickly choose from an extensive list of antique-looking furniture legs, columns, custom turnings, bun feet, corbels, brackets and more. Classic Design ( is an American-based company in Vermont, founded by Matthew Burak.

Matt finds inspiration from the Ancient Romans up to mid-century modern designs, and his catalogue is always growing. “Matt has an encyclopedic knowledge of antique furniture,” reports Rick Rose, Director of Customer Relations for Classic Designs. “He still goes out to different geographical locations two or three times per year and spends his time in antique shops. He comes home with dozens of design ideas, some drawn on napkins and snapped in cell phone pictures.”

Cabinet makers know that they need to find ways to give their customers affordable choices. The inspiration for a furniture-based look and architectural details in cabinetry may come from a time when only the wealthy could afford those details, but now with great software and modern CNC technology, these options are opened up for the average household. “There’s a strong desire for elegance in everyday living,” says John Murphy, founder of KCD Software and former cabinet maker.

“Having product libraries included in your design software saves time and money.” With KCD Software’s built-in feature, cabinet makers can choose from these product lists and easily show an impressive 3D rendered image complete with embellished details to the customer.

Classic Designs joins the catalogues of White River, Adams Wood Products and Osborne Wood in KCD Cabinet/Closet Software Suite’s expanding list of libraries, all included at no cost in their software. More and more furniture component designers and manufacturers are seeing the benefits of teaming up with design software like KCD.

“It’s a great new delivery system to the customer,” says Rose. “We know that in the very near future, we will see more cabinetry shops using this type of software.” Ultimately, it’s the customer who benefits from new choices now available for their cabinetry needs.

KCD Software is an award-winning manufacturer of custom software designed to facilitate woodworkers, designers, builders and renovators of cabinetry and closets. KCD Software offers multi-tiered programs to design, price, and build cabinet and closets for both traditional and CNC Construction. This is backed by free technical support and a commitment to each customer’s success.


Source: KCD Software

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