Atlanta – When Laguna Tools entered into an ambitious new agreement with B&R Automation to develop non-PC based operating systems for its immensely popular CNC lineup, the company was ushering in a new era in stable, easy-to-use and more profitable woodworking technology.

“The results have been more stunning than we imagined,” said Catherine Helshoj, Vice President of Laguna Tools. “For professional woodworkers and serious hobbyists, the days of viruses, corrupted files, crashed hard drives and the unceasing headaches always associated with PC-based systems were gone forever. The B&R Controllers have turned out to be a perfect match for our innovative CNC machines, and our customers are reaping the benefits thanks to significantly less downtime translating to increased profits.”

In case you are unfamiliar with B&R Automation, they are an Austrian 500 million dollar global leader whose controls are used by companies like Fiat, Samsung, Martin, and thousands of others worldwide in need of non-PC based, industrial-grade CNC controllers that operate in ‘real time’ for dramatically increased stability, longevity, ease-of-use, and even remote diagnostic capabilities via the internet.

“These B&R Platforms provide our clients with incredible reliability and performance,” Helshoj said. “For example, flash cards are used instead of hard drives… and there are absolutely no parts to fail. Many of our clients also love the fact that machines can be operated and monitored from a single computer, which is ideal for a teaching environment.”

“The CNC Lineup with the B&R industrial controllers is capable of doing math 24/7 for decades! And it’s so easy to use… if you can operate a TV remote control, you’ve got it mastered!” Helshoj added.

“Our proven CNC machines with B&R Operating Systems offer unparalleled flexibility and security,” she said. “For starters, program transfers can be done with a simple USB thumb drive, home network hub, FTP file transfer or wireless router. Plus, our controller/operator interface software is backed up to a massive secured server, making any unforeseen restoration – such as after a sudden lightning strike – as simple as sending a customer a new flash card.”

Featuring a user-friendly, 5.7-inch dust proof and water resistant touch screen, the CNC SmartShop II (available in 4x8, 5x10, and 5x12) can also be operated by a laptop, Netbook, home network, iPhone or iPad. “In fact, multiple CNC Smart Shop II machines can be run and monitored from a single computer, making it ideal for one-man operations or schools where the instructor needs to monitor several machines at once.

“And remember, non-PC based also means no security issues to impact controller performance or longevity. Again, since the controller runs off a compact flash, there’s no hard drive to fail and zero moving parts. Plus, all Stepper motors, drivers and power supplies are also from B&R Automation, and all components are UL, CSA, CRU and CE rated.”

Helshoj says retrofit controllers are also available to Laguna Tools CNC customers interested in upgrading their machines. “Bottom line, our customers can now get a CNC machine with a virtually bullet-proof, truly industrial controller for a fraction of the price.”

The Laguna Tools CNC Machines + B&R Controllers is currently on display at Booth 5547… so stop by and watch it in action, along with other innovative machines on display or call 1-800-234-1976 or visit us at

Source: Laguna Tools

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