Grand Rapids, MI – As part of a large-scale capital-investment program Leitz Tooling recently held a “Better & Faster” event at their Dallas, TX service facility to demonstrate their new capabilities and opportunities for their customers.

Leitz is now the only tooling supplier in the region to offer the combination of diamond sharpening, oil-bath automated saw grinding and advanced measuring and precision, touchless tool balancing.

To accommodate these changes Leitz expanded and updated their equipment, enlarged their service area, and upgraded their office space.

Leitz CEO Mike Lind greeted guests and thanked his team with brief remarks concerning their ongoing success and anticipated growth, “Success will come through the service we are offer our customers; better, faster, and with absolute precision and reliability.”

Leitz, with U.S. operations headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, and worldwide operations managed from Oberkochen, Germany, is a leader in high-technology engineering and manufacturing of precision tooling for machinery and process-specific tool systems. Their primary areas of expertise are in solid wood and panel processing as well as advanced materials.

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